Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Ball Review!

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In recent years, almost every renowned brand golf ball producer are rebranding their golf balls. This is why it’s no wonder Callaway soft golf ball manufacturer also decided to rebrand their golf balls.

They’ve not only just redesigned their golf balls but also brought new golf balls to their lineup. The Callaway HEX has been made after thorough research on what golfers want in a golf ball and it has fulfilled the golfers’ desire successfully.

So, among various Callaway balls today we’re going to talk about the HEX Tour  Balls. It’s known as the crown jewel of Callaway’s newest golf ball lineup.

Let’s have an in-depth look at the key features of the Callaway Soft Golf Balls.

Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

1. Construction

The Callaway HEX tour is engineered with a three-piece construction that works pretty well for amateur golfers. These premium golf balls have a large single core that gives you incredible distance and swing speed.

We’ve often seen a large core in a two-piece construction golf ball, but Callaway has been able to produce a large core in the 3-piece construction.

Moreover, this distance golf ball is made with i-core technology which is common nowadays. It has a dual-core structure, high and low compression core so that you can get the highest level of advanced spin estrangement from tee to green.

The inner core has an extremely soft density but as the outer core, it is a high compression ball. The combination of these two cores allows the golfers to get the maximum spin estrangement.

2. Performance

It’s normal to have the curiosity of knowing about the ultimate power and control of the ball. The golf ball is ideal for both the distant seeker and the control enthusiast.

The Callaway soft golf ball confirms the low spin-off of the tee for more distance during a long game. At the same time, you’ll get a high spin on approach shots as well as forceful preventing power into the green.

So, you can easily feel that the greatest thing about this ball is the spin separation. On the driver and long iron shots, you’ll have little to no spin.

However, on the wedge and short iron shots, you’ll find a significant amount of spin. If you’re having trouble with a slice of the tee then this is a perfect golf ball for you.

3. The soft feel of Callaway Tour HEX Golf Ball

One thing which sets this ball apart from all the other balls out there is the softness. Very often we’ve seen that less expensive ball is done a vibration sound and sting as well, but you won’t face any kind of these bad feelings with this ball.

You’ll get an outstanding soft feel that you expect when you go for a shot around the green. Moreover, these softer golf balls are incredibly compressible.

4. Cover of Callaway HEX Tour Soft Costco

Another amazing feature of this softball is its DURA spin cover which is a high-quality urethane cover. Both internal and external mantles are covered with different levels of surlyn cover, so shots into receptive greens should quickly check up and stop.

Also, the cover of the ball helps to increase the overall durability.

Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls

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5. Positive sides of Callaway HEX Tour Soft Compression

HEX Design Tour Softball has its amazing core technology in comparison with other balls. The core of Titleist AVX golf core is a little bigger than in comparison with Callaway HEX Tour Soft. The ball is also considered a cheap golf ball among the best in this price range.

Both the balls have the ability to travel a longer distance through the air but HEX Tour Soft moves in a relatively straighter line.

Also, Callaway HEX provides more control on the greens than other balls. Spin and control through ball cover make the Callaway HEX Tour Soft one of the best balls in the golf world.

6. Negative sides

So far, after its launch, it has been liked very much by golfers till now. About Callaway HEX Soft golf balls, many golfers have positive attitudes and reviews. Personal likes and dislikes may vary, but there is no negative review from experts on these high-quality balls

But it is complained by most of the golfers that these balls are comparatively expensive than other balls, but it is certainly true that tour balls are generally expensive as it is comfortable too.

 Callaway tour soft golf balls: Pros & Cons


  • High-quality soft cover golf ball
  • Much more durable
  • Great spin, feel, and distant
  • Can travel 10 to 15 yards by a typical short
  • Ideal for both new and professional golfers


  • Available in just one color
  • A little bit expensive

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Callaway HEX Tour Soft Ball Review 2021: FAQs


Q) Is  Callaway golf ball is considered a good golf ball?

Ans. Yes, compared to the other leading golf balls Callaway is a good golf ball.

Q) What are Callaway golf balls are made of?

Ans. These golf balls are made with i-core technology and also engineered with 3-piece construction.

Q) Do golf balls make a difference?

Ans. Yes, they do as every ball has some specialty. This is why you may get different feelings with different balls.

Q) Where are the Callaway golf balls manufactured?

Ans. Most of the Callaway golf balls are made in the U.S.A., but sometimes they’re made in Korea.

Q) Which Callaway golf balls are the best?

Ans. Callaway is an age-old company in the industry of golf ball manufacturing. The company is manufacturing golf balls for more than 20 years.

And not only that the latest product of Callaway has been termed as the best golf ball-like, Callaway Chrome Soft, Callaway Chrome Soft X, Callaway Supersoft, Callaway Warbird, Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track, Callaway Diablo Tour Golf ball.

Final Thoughts: Callaway Hex Tour Soft Review

The Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf ball is the best highly engineered tour ball you’ll ever have. You’ll get exactly the same thing that you expect from a golf ball. However, don’t forget to use a decent golf club to hit the ball.

It’s designed for more distance and spin with great control around the green. If you want tour distance and tour control at the same time, then this ball is the right choice for you.

We hope that this Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Ball Review will provide you with enough information and help you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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