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The Callaway Rogue X Irons Review 2020


Callaway is a renowned name in the golf world. Reading this Callaway rogue x irons review you will get a complete idea about it. All you have to care but when playing golf is the things you play with and your swing and accuracy.

One of the crucial things you play with is the irons. In fact, it is quite impossible to play golf well without the irons because irons are the main golf clubs that help you handle any part of the course.

A short hole? Just start with the iron from the tee itself. A long hole? Cross the fairway using an iron you go long distance with. You get the point- irons are the go-to club when you are playing golf. In fact, the numbers these irons are available in also play a huge role behind them is so important.

When you are out to buy irons it can become a very difficult task. There are so many good irons available but it is a crucial choice to make. You have to consider your own playing style, swing style, and more when choosing the iron.

If the iron you choose is not right for you then you will not be able to get the desired results out of the game. Callaway is a name that every golfer knows of. And, Callaway Rogue X Irons are also quite well-reputed. But, are they for you? Let’s find out through this Callaway X Irons reviews.

Callaway Rogue X Iron Review


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Callaway Rogue X Irons Review: The Features

What sets the Rogue X irons apart from the others? And, what makes it so famous? Let’s find out by knowing its features.

The 360 Face Cup Technology with the Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology.

Callaway Rogue X combines by these two features to aid better ball speed and long-distance. Apparently, both of these features help with the flex of the club. The Face Cup Features actually is the rim around the perimeter of the clubface that flexes to give the ball the necessary speed.

On the other hand, the VFT feature is something that works on the Face cup Feature itself. Apparently, it focuses on the places where the face cup flexes. As a result, these two combined give the whole club a better flex. Thus, it aids in ball speed and distance.

The Thin Clubface with the Urethane Microspheres.Rogue X Irons

Callaway has made the clubface thin to reduce the overall weight to some extent. However, a thin clubface can have demerits. One of such demerit is vibration.

As the clubface is thin, in contact with the ball, the face will vibrate even more. As a result, the sound produced will be a bit different. It won’t create the same click as other golf balls do when they hit the clubface.

And, that is where the Urethane Microspheres come in. Callaway has infused innovation in the design of the iron. The Urethane has a layer underneath the clubface that has air chambers. These chambers absorb some of the vibrations and prevent it from spreading.

As a result, a better and softer sound is created. However, many golfers still complain that this rogue x iron does not create that satisfying click sound on contact.

The Tungsten Weights and the Center of Gravity.

Apparently, the Callaway Rogue X irons have a Tungsten weighing system. Tungsten is actually quite a heavy metal- at least heavier than stainless steel. Thus, the weight it contributes to the clubhead is significant but concentrated in one place.

Again, Callaway focuses the weight in the Callaway Rogue X series towards the back and heel- this gives power to the shots. So, you can say the center of gravity is low and deep in this case. As a result, the distance you will achieve using this iron will be quite great.

A common complaint that most people have about this series is that the irons are quite heavy. While it suits many golfers, others have a very hard time getting used to it. Just because you have a higher handicap does not mean this one will be alright for you.

But, it is a great choice for training as it will eventually improve your capabilities.

Longer, Stronger, and Lighter.

According to Callaway, they use these three spells to make the Callaway Rogue X series make the ball go a greater distance. While we do agree with the part of the longer and stronger lofts, we cannot possibly agree with the lighter longer part. At best, the overall weight of the iron can be moderate but never light- it is quite heavy.

But, yes, the shafts are long enough to improve the distance of the ball. And, in reality, the rogue x irons actually help to improve distance.

The higher lofts.

Apparently, the Callaway Rogue X Irons have a higher loft then the other brands. For example, the 7 iron has a loft of 27-degree which is quite close to that of a 6 iron. But, the whole series is made that way so you have to just adjust to it.

For a better performance get a few tips by expert golfers.

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Pros & Cons:

  • Actually aids in increasing the distance.
  • The Cup Face design makes the iron quite forgiving.
  • The Tungsten weight makes the CG low and deep, improving the power of the iron.
  • The heavier weight actually improves distance to some extent.
  • Urethane microspheres help with the sound.
  • Longer shafts make it more comfortable to use.
  • Very good build quality.
  • Quite expensive.
  • It feels a bit heavy.
  • The sand wedge is not that good.

Callaway Rogue X Irons: F A Q

1. What is the material of the shaft?Callaway Rogue X Irons

Answer: You get to choose from two options. One is the steel and the other the Synergy. Plus, you can choose from the three flexes as well- Regular, Stiff, and senior.

2. Does it come with the head and grip or do you have to buy parts separately?

Answer: It comes in one piece- the whole club.

3. How do you think the golfer to hit an Iron with longer shafts and stronger lofts, with regularity, efficiency, and green-stopping trajectory?

Answer: Making them lighter, with lighter shafts, so that the golfer can generate faster speed but maintaining control. Also, making the soles slightly more comprehensive so that the CoG can be even
more in-depth, progressing the launch angle off the face.

In conclusion

The Callaway Rogue X Irons are really good with a clever build design. They are meant to last and they sure will improve your game. However, they actually are heavy and not everyone can get used to them. So, using these irons directly in tournaments can prove to be a loss.

First, check them out, see if the low and deep CG is for you. Then, make the purchase because you do not have to worry about anything else but compatibility.

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let’s see a video review 


I will privilege might need him down here at live them golf academy and I’ve got a bit of a beast to review for here today in the way of the Callaway rogue and it’s the X version in the ions here so when I say the word beast wait for this the loft of this seminar is 27 degrees okay so many of you will start commenting right now at this point underneath this video so obviously very very strong strong lofted should I say now we’ve seen some strong lofted or one Springs my until made and for 28 and a half degrees strong this is one and a half degrees strongest so obviously this is from what Callaway say it’s a little bit of a not a punch but a little bit of an experiment really and they’re not expecting to sell loads of this but just want to drip in there basically for the guy who just wants to get it out there as far as it can now I knows a lot of talk around these strong loss and it’s the cheats it’s not 7-iron it’s a 5-iron but in today’s golfers out there who just want to hit the ball further it makes them feel better so why not you know why not let them feel a bit better about themselves and so I’m going to put still a little bit of a test here now obviously a lot of Technology in the iron here we’ve got the cup 360 iron which was seen in the normal road we’ve seen that in the past another all the models that Callaway have done so again this is all about ball speed across the clubface it’s a lot of tungsten in this club here now so a lot of tungsten this bottom section at the back sort of tungsten twice as heavier steel so they can really concentrate where they put that way and what Callaway say is a very precise CG location in every single iron in the set okay we’ve also got urethane micros micro Spears they call it which is all about acoustic so obviously dumped enough sound and trying to make the sound sort of more appealing because generally what we found with your game improvement irons as they push the boundaries on the face and the CG location and sometimes it brings off a high soft sound or a very loud sound off the court fate of the ball striking so maybe the your fa micro Spears is help and damping that sounds give a bit more of a normal sort sounding golf okay so we’re gonna give this one a hit we’re going to test it with GC to HMT sets up here so we’re gonna get some numbers as always give you some feedback of a ball flag spin distance numbers a little bit dispersion maybe you give you a guy’s an idea of how the rogue Xin performs right so let’s some shots here so I’ve got this set up here half inch longer in the shaft which is more my spec now fortunate the right Langille to suit me on two percent is this is a standard lie I’m generally two degrees up right so it’s not quite dialed in for me in terms of Langille so I may just have to take that and possibly a little bit shot direction here but firstly pressures here is put that down by the ball it’s big it’s chunky massive thick top edge there quite a lot of offset as you probably expect for this type of I so really this is all about just trying to get that ball up for now there and as far you know as quick off the face as possible and you know see picking up distance for the guys who probably need this so with anticipation set myself for per 185 yards out from the green here obviously 7-iron but he’s lost at at 27 degrees I’ve not actually hit this iron yet so I don’t know exactly what its gonna do I’m expecting it’s gonna go a long way but we’ll soon see so I’ll get this first one hit here okay I felt pretty good okay I felt straightway felt better than what I thought that would feel like and it wasn’t loud at all that was just a nice sort of sounding golf what I felt really sort of nice looking pretty good hit the green quite nicely there that’s a nice strike nice neutral ball flight there again that’s hitting the green quite nicely stop him pretty quick there I mean that’s carried it wanna heat sixes big carry their ball speed 131 that’s spinning just over 6000 spin now that surprises me because again we always sort of associate these strong loss with very very low spin numbers and but that’s sort of spinning very differently it’s impossible that CG location there’s played a part keeping that spin up there but that’s quite a bit control is quite a nice high ball flight for me there and it’s going a long long way numbers okay that wasn’t as good up just push that stroke it okay yeah miss the green right there and I think this is where the lie isn’t helping me out because this is a standard lie that would hit morto a chance down to the right to the green okay right okay so there we go there’s the Callaway rogue Xin reviewed there quite an impressive iron else it’s a very long hitting high ball and I think with that stronger loft of 27 degrees there we’re still seeing a high ball flight we’ve still seen a good launch angle and the spindle boom did surprise me quite a bit as expect that to be a lot lower on that spin number but it’s really quite a nice spin over there so again it goes and beg see the difference of questions you just say how the position this way you know 27 degrees which is so well 5-iron here why is it launched like a fire and why does it launch like a seven nine probably because a little bit that weight and I’ve done another video just chatting about that and a little bit more depth there and but you know for me good eye in there really good iron I mean it’s a different look it’s big it’s chunky big top edge very you know there’s a lot to look at there as you’re pretty down by the golf balls so it’s not everybody’s taste in terms a locks book performance-wise the guys have said bit earlier you just want to get the ball out there a little bit further rogue X is a good option okay guys thanks very much for watching hopefully you enjoy the video do you appreciate watching it comment down below I’m sure you will do with that loft number there of 27 degrees and you know let me know your thoughts I’ll follow them on social media platforms all the links in the description down below hit that subscribe button if you can but it was appreciated and hopefully I’ll catch all you all very soon

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