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Halo 450 Rangefinder Reviews (2020 Update)


The Halo  XL450 is just one out of the many economical optics that are ready to get you dead on. The parent company of Halo Optics is the Plano Synergy. Their goal is to create an industry that will allow hunters and lovers to get their hands on this gear. You’ll be highly satisfied with this finder once you start using it. However, you’ve to keep in mind that this device isn’t designed for the golfing course. So, without wasting any more let’s have an in-depth look at the key Features of Halo 450 Rangefinder.

Halo 450 Rangefinder: Key Features


The design of this range finder is highly firm which has a bulkier shape. The ergonomic structure of it will allow you to have a legitimate grasp on it consistently. It’s a lightweight rangefinder at 5 ounces. Therefore, you’ll be able to carry it easily with you on your golfing or hunting trip.Halo 450 Rangefinder

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It comes with a range of up to 450 yards maximum to reflective target which is lesser than most of the rangefinders that are available in the market. However, it has the ability of slope and elevation compensation which makes it a great addition for golfing and hunting. The range will decrease if the surface isn’t reflective enough and it would reduce around to 300 yards.


This Rangefinder will provide you with a magnification of 6x along with an adjustable eyepiece. This magnification is ideal for any rangefinder, but you might have some trouble while staring through the reticulum. For constant range, it has scan mode also.


This laser rangefinder comes with an LCD display which is really decent for the price you pay to buy this rangefinder. However, there is a problem with the display which is, it can’t lighten up the range measurement which can be a big problem for you if you feel the necessity to use it under low light.Halo XL450 Laser Rangefinder


This laser rangefinder uses a CR2 battery to operate. These batteries do not contain much charge and since this rangefinder doesn’t come with a case, you’ll need to shop again for something to keep it in.


This XL450 is resistant to water. So, you can use it in places that have a high moisture level without having to worry about getting it damaged. You can not only use it in rainy conditions but also foggy environments. In one word, it is resistant to fog as well as water.

Auto Shut Off Feature

The most important feature of this Laser XL450 is the auto shut off feature. This feature gives the rangefinder the ability to automatically shut off after 20 minutes of inactivity. This is a great feature for the rangefinder to save batteries especially when it uses CR 2 battery for its operation.


00:01 [Music] 00:07 [Music] 00:15 [Music] 00:28 hey guys 00:29 Michaels another product or evu they let 00:32 me talk about my halo XL 450 brains 00:36 founder so I picked this thing up for 00:41 season because I was really need a new 00:43 rangefinder and really did have a lot of 00:45 money to spend 00:46 this is super affordable option for 00:49 anybody who maybe doesn’t have just a 00:52 ton of money lying around to go drop on 00:54 a rangefinder and need something that 00:55 will get the job done that being said it 01:00 will get the job done but it’s not the 01:03 best in the world the biggest complaint 01:05 that I have this rangefinder is when 01:07 looking for the viewfinder the display 01:10 is just so light under certain 01:16 circumstances for me it’s almost 01:18 impossible to see now you can adjust the 01:21 brightness of it with a knob but it 01:24 seems to always reset itself I don’t 01:26 know if that’s because this is getting 01:27 jostled around my bag if it’s just the 01:29 way this rangefinder is set up so that’s 01:32 the number one complaint that I have out 01:34 of this ranch owners other than that I 01:37 mean it does a good pretty good job it 01:40 compensates for angles which was a big 01:43 thing as a matter of fact range hunter 01:46 had prior to this didn’t come up for 01:48 angles it’s kind of a cease of purpose 01:50 when you’re hunting you know 23 up in 01:52 the tree another feature that it has is 01:55 if you hold down the range button it 02:00 actually allows you to move it and get a 02:03 real-time reading of the yardage which i 02:06 think is a very very neat option you can 02:11 just hold it and kind of scan back and 02:13 forth and Hungarian get an idea of the 02:15 artists arm away instead of having to 02:17 pick out and manually range specific 02:22 spots 02:24 [Music] 02:25 so yeah so if you’re looking for an 02:27 affordable rangefinder they’ll get the 02:29 job then this is a viable option if 02:33 you’re looking for a rangefinder that’s 02:34 really gonna exceed your expectations 02:37 and make you happy 02:38 I might suggest shopping around and 02:40 finding something else but that pretty 02:45 much wraps it up for this one yeah 02:47 thanks for checking out the video if you 02:49 liked it leave a comment below and 02:50 please hit that subscribe button for 02:52 more all right okay tell later

Halo xl450 Range: Pros and Cons

  • Easy setup
  • Easy to use
  • Water and fog-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Fixed 6x magnification
  • Range of only 450 yards
  • Not sleek enough

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Halo xl450 Rangefinder: FAQs

Q) What is the magnification of Halo xl450 Laser Range Finder?

Ans. The Halo rangefinder has 6x magnifications, but they have conflicting information on this feature on their website.

Q) What is Auto Acquisition?

Ans. Auto Acquisition is a technology that helps the device to acquire an accurate reading in the fastest time possible.

Q) How long is the Automatic Shut-Off?

Ans. After 20 seconds of inactivity, the rangefinder will automatically shut down.

Q) What kind of battery does it take?

Ans. The Halo rangefinder uses Duracell Ultra Lithium CR2.

Q) How long do CR2 batteries last?

Ans. Each battery is date coded with the expiration month and year stamped. This battery has a lifespan of a minimum of 4 years.

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Final Words

The Halo xl450 Laser Rangefinder has been highly praising by bow hunters because of its so many great features. It’s a cheap and basic unit that will get the job done. If you want more yardages you can try the new model which has more ranging distance.

Although this rangefinder isn’t designed for the golfing course, it’s perfect rangefinder for bow hunting. It may not be a fancy gadget, but the price that it comes in is less than most other rangefinders. So, feel confident in every shot you take this season with this tool that will make your hunting experience memorable.

Let’s watch a video review


00:00 okay everybody I want to do a little 00:02 review here on this a little rangefinder 00:06 I got from Walmart for about a hundred 00:07 bucks it’s called the halo XL for 50 00:14 minutes 00:16 overall me it’s really light that mist 00:19 feels like a toy but I mean as far as 00:21 like its capabilities and I mean it 00:25 works for what for what I needed for me 00:27 I think it’s got like a range of about 00:29 like 400 and something yards or so I 00:32 mean that’s I’ll never shouldn’t think 00:34 that far it was just something more 00:36 along the lines to get my son more 00:38 involved with with me going out and 00:39 hunting but uh it comes with its own 00:43 battery I mean it it has a it has a mode 00:46 to where you could change this mode to 00:50 tells you the angle and it kind of 00:52 actually like a second acknowledges the 00:56 angle and it makes up for it with a with 01:00 the yardage I mean I’ll step outside my 01:03 apartment here and see if I can get you 01:06 some kind of deal like okay let’s see 01:14 bear with me okay 64 yards said I got a 01:23 negative 4 degree angle 01:34 [Music] 01:37 we have 68 yards negative three okay 01:47 this is not very easy to do by in sorry 01:55 53 yards negative five minutes you’re 02:03 not going to get a better rangefinder my 02:07 son can actually use this up quite 02:10 easily so I don’t see any problem with 02:13 an adult using the same rangefinder but 02:18 I mean it’s that’s one little fun way to 02:21 get your kids involved I mean if you’re 02:23 you’re looking for some kind of way to 02:25 getting your kid involved and like you 02:27 know help you in archery or helping you 02:30 enough you know things like using the 02:33 air rifles or shooting in general this 02:36 is a nice little cheap rangefinder well 02:40 thanks for watching

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