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True Golf Guide talks about everything related to golf and also reviews golf clubs, equipment & accessories.

We know golf as a decent game. It is also a tough game because of its rules, tools, and accessories; almost everything is much broader. There is a huge amount of misinformation online about golf. So, we try to ease your game by providing true information always.

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You’ve probably heard of Rapsodo mobile launch monitors when it comes to golf launch monitors. The Rapsodo MLM was the first launch …

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A golf glove should fit snugly on your hand but not so tight that it restricts your range of motion. The palm …

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How to clean a golf bag

It’s not always easy to keep your golf equipment clean. From the time you hit the course until the time you head …

How to clean your golf clubs

No one wants to play with dirty golf clubs. There’s nothing worse than playing with dirty golf clubs- it can really mess …

We are true golfers!
We enjoy this game just as much as you do. Unfortunately, we understand your difficulties when attempting to improve your game. We will share with you the experience that we have worked hard for almost a decade.


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