Wednesday , June 24 2020

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How Wide is a Golf Cart: Know dimension

How Wide is a Golf Cart Feature

How Wide is a Golf Cart? It’s a bright sunny day outside, so gear up and let’s go golfing. A golf cart is an essential part of golf. Just like a car, when you’re buying a golf cart, one of the first would be how many people can ride it? Golf carts are not merely about being electric-powered or gas-powered. …

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What is Footgolf?

What is Footgolf Feature

What is footgolf? What would be the name of the baby if football and golf married? Yes, it will be a footgolf. You can guess by the name that it’s a combination of football and golf. However, it’s playing style is not entirely similar to golf or football. Footgolf is a relatively new sport, and not many people are aware …

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How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

How long do golf cart batteries last-feature

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last? A golf cart is a quite expensive and significant issue of the golf course as it is very convenient to carry golf clubs and other accessories around the golf course. That’s why it’s battery quality and efficiency also important. And regarding the golf cart batteries, there’s a common question of its longevity. Well, …

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What to wear to a golf tournament: Outfit ideas

what to wear to a golf tournament-feature

What to Wear to a Golf Tournament? Golf is one of the most sophisticated sports in the world. When you are attending a golf tournament, you must dress up properly. You surely don’t want to look like a slob on national television, so it’s better to be well-dressed to be on the safe side. Let’s see what to wear to …

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Golf Tips for Beginners: By Expert Golfers

Golf Tips for Beginners Feature

20 Best Golf Tips for Beginners by Expert Golfers Here we focus on the 20 Best Golf Tips for Beginners. Before you started golfing, you probably thought that it was just a peaceful and easy short game. In fact, you may have thought something like, “Why do people even play this game?”. But, once you started, you figured out the …

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