Wednesday , June 24 2020

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The Rotary Swing Review: A Game Changer (2020)

Rotary Swing Review Feature

Introduction: Chuck Quinton is a pioneer when it comes to golf instructions. He has been making online golf instruction DVDs since 2004. When the Rotary swing came out in 2007, it was a game-changer for many. The book is published under Quinton Holdings and it has sold numerous copies since then.  The book is also available on pdf version and …

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The Garmin GPS Golf Watch Reviews (2020 Update)

Garmin Golf Watch Reviews

Introduction: You must have already heard the name of the Garmin Golf Watch. In general, math is not that fun- it’s so hard to understand, isn’t it? What would we do without calculators! Then again, the results and theories maths give us are quite interesting. You may enjoy learning that you need around 2000 calories per day but you took …

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Igotcha Golf Ball Retriever Review 2020!

Igotcha-Golf-Ball-Retriever Feature

Introduction: Golf is expensive and so are golf balls. No one wants to leave their golf ball in the water bunkers that exist in the golf course. You always feel a different kind of ache in your heart when you lose a ball in the golf course, don’t you? Let’s see how good the Igotcha golf ball retriever is through …

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The Callaway Rogue X Irons Review 2020

Callaway-Rogue-X-Irons- Feature

Introduction: Callaway is a renowned name in the golf world. Reading this Callaway rogue x irons review you will get a complete idea about it. All you have to care but when playing golf is the things you play with and your swing and accuracy. One of the crucial things you play with is the irons. In fact, it is …

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s7K Putter Reviews: A Worthy Buying Guide

s7k Putter Reviews Feature

Introduction: Putting is one of the essential parts of a golf course. While the rest of the golf club offers you a lot of forgiveness and space, putting does not. You must be accurate when putting, and there is no room for mistake. One small twist of the hand and you have earned another stroke. You have to consider everything …

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