What to wear to a golf tournament: Outfit ideas

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Golf is one of the most sophisticated sports in the world. When you are attending a golf tournament, you must dress up properly. You surely don’t want to look like a slob on national television, so it’s better to be well-dressed to be on the safe side. If you are about to attend a golf tournament for the first time. You might be feeling pretty anxious, what do I wear? What is golf etiquette?

A golf tournament attire should be modest, and you need to ensure that you don’t overdo it. However, here’s an essential guide that will help you choose the correct attire for the golf tournament. And give you what you need to know in order to have an enjoyable day at the course. Let’s see what to wear to a golf tournament.

What Should Women Wear?

Most women love dressing up for a special occasion, and they love to plan ahead of it. If you’re a spectator, then you should avoid wearing clothes that may distract the player or fellow spectators. As a spectator try to avoid wearing bright cloth with low cut design as that is not an appropriate choice to wear golf tournament.

You can also use light accessories to jazz up the entire look. You’ll need to walk and stay for maximum time so, make sure the dress you wear is comfortable and throughout the day. Capris paired up with a sleeveless blouse is an excellent choice if the golf events are during summer. Also, carry a cardigan or a windbreaker if the competition is on a chilly day.

Shoes speak a lot about your style and personality; flip-flops and heels are a big no-no for a tournament. Try to put on tennis shoes or comfortable flats, sandals as you may need to walk for the whole time. Also, avoid carrying large handbags. Carry a small crossbody purse to keep your essentials only.

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What Should Men Wear?

Being a highly sophisticated event, men should avoid wearing over casual clothes and opt for formal dress. T-shirts, jeans, and cutoffs should avoid during the tournament. Avoid loud colors or designs that may look odd or overly done.

You can wear an oxford button shirt with a nice pair of chinos to stay stylish and comfortable at the same time. Shorts are also an excellent choice for bright sunny days, and you can pair it up with a solid colored golf shirt or polo shirt.

Shoes are one of the essential parts of your overall getup and make sure that you wear a pair to keep you comfy throughout the day. Must avoid golf shoes with spikes instead, opt for loafers or tennis shoes.

Is There a Dress Code for PGA?

Before you settle down on your choice, make sure that the PGA rules and standards follow them. Golfers should present a neat and clean appearance. Khakis and collared polo shirts are appropriate for men. Shorts and Denim are prohibited for male players. Shorts or skirts are allowed for women.

Since you have to stay on the golf course for a long time, and there will be a lot of walking, so comfort should be one of your top concerns when choosing the dress and shoes to use for the golf tournament. The choice of golf attire is highly dependent on your companion and the rules of the game, as discussed above

Is it appropriate to wear leggings on the golf course?

Golfers have had a question for a long time. Is it appropriate to wear leggings when playing golf? For starters, there are many benefits to wearing leggings while playing on the course. They are lightweight, they don’t restrict your movement like jeans would, and they can be more comfortable than pants or shorts.

An expert golfer said that I’ve been golfing in jeans my entire life and never thought about wearing anything else until I saw an Instagram post of a girl coming out of her living room dressed ready to go play 18 holes. She was sporting leggings as pants, and it made me wonder if that’s acceptable or not while playing golf.


It is no doubt there are many benefits to wearing them – they’re lightweight so they don’t restrict your movement as regular pants would; they can be more comfortable than shorts or trousers since any air circulation will allow moisture from sweat evaporating off your skin to dry quickly; and they come in a variety of colors, fabrics, styles, and patterns.


However, there are some limitations as well! The first is that leggings can be more expensive than pants or shorts so you may want to consider this before making the switch. Additionally, not all golf courses allow them on the course because it’s seen as an improper outfit for people playing a sport like a golf where etiquette is important.

The decision to wear leggings or not is yours! Is there a time or place that you would not want to wear them, and why? Some people might feel uncomfortable wearing them on the golf course because it’s seen as an improper outfit while others will see no problem with it at all.

In my opinion, I think they’re more of a casual attire piece rather than something appropriate for 18 holes so unless I’m playing in shorter rounds where having clothes dry quickly isn’t necessary then I probably won’t be wearing them anytime soon.

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Can I Wear Jeans to Golf?

Wearing jeans on the golf course may not be up to you. Some clubs may have a dress code that prohibits the wearing of denim pants, while others might frown upon them but will let it slide if they don’t see any holes or stains.

Many golfers believe that jeans can restrict movement and are uncomfortable in warm weather (especially after walking 18 holes). However, tennis legend Andre Agassi favored his blue jeans when he played on the PGA Tour –although he wore undergarments made of polo fabric to help keep him cool.

If your club allows it: Denim is generally acceptable as casual wear for social functions among adults, but check with club officials before planning around at an upscale country club in your favorite Wranglers.

What to bring with:

At the time of the golf tournaments, you move around the golf course almost the whole day. So, in addition to wearing the right dress, you can bring necessary products such as a small bag with shoulder straps if it is allowed by the authority of the golf courses. You can put with yourself some other items like; Smartphone (silent mode)’ Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Bug spray, Umbrella, small portable folding chair, and a rain poncho, etc. Before getting out you must see the weather forecast and then you can prepare perfectly.

What not to bring with:

A few of the items you can’t carry those prohibited by tournament authority like; Bags (maximum size 6 X 6), metal, glass, or plastic cups or containers, Pets (service animals are ok), Alcohol, Weapons, Video Camera, Large Chairs, etc.

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what to wear to a golf tournament

Final Words:

As golf tips, we can suggest using formal or semiformal attire for men’s and confirmed that your clothing is clean before wearing it. Wear a shirt with white buttons, black leather dress shoes, tie, belt, and black dress socks.

Women are allowed to use formal or semiformal attire also, confirming their garments are clean and functional lighting and sure that your skirt hems covered your knees. At afternoon wear a long dressy skirt matching with blouse.

If formal clothing is not available, wear smart or dressy casual attire to a golf tournament. Male guests can wear a blazer, a button-down shirt, tie, belt, and brown or black leather shoes. Female guests can wear a slack or skirt with a blouse or a button-up shirt, blazer, and dressy shoes.

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