Best Golf Hitting Mats

best golf hitting mats

Choosing a golf mat is one of the most important decisions to ensure you get the most out of your golf practice sessions. The Best Golf Hitting Mats are designed in such a way that you’ll get the feel of a real golf course. Practicing in the grass isn’t a great option as there’s a high chance of ruining your lawn. Those golf enthusiast never stops their practice. In all atmospheres, continue their training. If you want to practice indoors, a golf mat is essential. Golf mats come at various sizes and prices.

To be honest, even if you buy the best premium quality mat to practice sessions, you won’t find the sensation, feeling, and feedback that natural grass can provide. You may face difficulties when practicing on the practice mats. For example, when you use the practice mat on a big swing, the club will also slide more into the ball. This will create a solid strike but will lower your skills. So, without wasting any more time, let’s check out some of the best hitting golf mats for your golf game.

Our Top Pick 5 Best Golf Hitting Mats 2021

Dura-Pro Golf Mats:

Easily converts to turf mats for competitive indoor matches. Includes a golf ball tray and rubber tees

DURA-PRO Premium Residential Golf Mat - 3x5 Feet Premium Turf Indoor/Outdoor Mat - Golf Stance Mat for Pros & Beginners w/Golf Accessories (Golf Tray + 3 Rubber Golf Tees + Adjustable Tee Holder)

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Key Features

  • Incredibly durable
  • Excellent absorption
  • 30% denser than normal mats
  • Rolls easily for storage
  • True divot action

The Dura-Pro Premium Residential Golf Mat options for the garage or backyards. . It’s a host of many wonderful features, which is why it’s often considered one of the best golf mats available in the market. With this real-feel golf mat, you can practice on your home lawn or garage and get an experience like Country Club Elite Golf Mat. Also, this hitting mat can be a well part of the golf simulator.

The turf is constructed from 100% nylon. Hence, it’s capable of helping you with absorption and wearing extremely well over time. It comes with a whopping 8 years of UV protection. So, even if you leave it outside in the sun, the material will never fade away or crumble.

Another feature you’ll love about this premium golf mat is the pre-punched holes it’s equipped with. They will give you the chance to put a variety of tees into the turf. As a result, you’ll be able to simulate the experience on the real tee box. In fact, you don’t have to worry about it losing its charm and appeal over the course of time.

Moreover, this mat’s density and thickness allow a replication that is surprising, as well as amazingly close to the usual feeling of fresh turf.

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Backyard Golf Mat

Heavy industrial bonded for years of use. May be used with woods, drivers, and irons

Backyard Golf Mat 3'X5' Pro Residential with Foam Pad

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Key features

  • Mat measures 3 x 5 feet
  • 5mm foam backing
  • UV protection
  • ½ inch woven Nylon turf

The next model in our review of the best golf mat is the Backyard 3′ X 5′ Pro Residential golf mat. If you want to make your golf practice a breeze, you should consider this one, and it offers the best quality in every aspect.

Starting with the measure of this golf mat. It measures 3×5 feet and can be used both indoors and outdoors with a launch monitor if needed. It features a 5mm foam backing that helps to reduce club shock when you drive your club into the mat.

This high-quality mat goes through an intensive manufacturing process that prevents any form of delamination. The mat not just gives you a hitting area to stand on but also absorbs club shock with ¾ inch total thickness to prevent any impact on your hands. It resists tears, fading, and curling and is protected by a UV protection plan.

Moreover, the mat is made from high-quality nylon. The benefit of using nylon is that it makes the turf 30% thicker and dense than other mats on the market.

Callaway Golf Mat

Higher quality construction resistant to wear & tear

Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat w/Rubber Backing

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Key Features

  • Compact mat
  • Can be used anywhere
  • High-quality surface
  • Rubber foundation

Suppose you’re looking for a more affordable hitting mat for golf. In that case, you should definitely buy the Callaway FT Launch Golf Mat, or at least consider buying it. This product is not only highly budget-friendly but also durable.

It measures 16 x 8 x 1 inch. With this mat, you’ll get to experience a natural turf feeling, as it can simulate the effect of hitting off a real fairway grass. It’s equipped with a strong, heavy, and sturdy rubber base foundation. Thanks to this foundation, you’ll never have to worry about the mat sliding away while you’re practicing on it.

Apart from being budget-friendly and strong, it’s also very compact and portable. Although it’s not perfect in terms of size, it can easily accommodate all of your clubs. Also, the mat is sloped so that you’ll have no problem minimizing the risk of smacking the side with your driver.

Moreover, the tee holder is firm and can help you replicate the feel of the tee box with an innovative approach that some of the larger mats cannot do.

 Rukket Tri-Turf Hitting Mats

Exceptional portability. Set up the mat within seconds and use for both indoor and outdoor

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack | Portable Driving, Chipping, Training Aids for Backyard with Adjustable Tees and 9 Foam Practice Balls (Standard (25

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Key Features

  • The mat provides three areas to hit shot from
  • Thick base with rubber
  • Easy to move and relocate
  • 100% lifetime warranty

The Rukket hitting mats are one of the best golf mats, amazingly fun as it proudly boasts three different areas. Its three different areas can certainly provide you with plenty of options.

The Rukket is made from nylon that can wear extremely well over the course of time. Its faux rough is tall enough to offer resistance to your clubs, which will keep you sharp away from the golf course.

It measures 25 x 16 inches and features nine practice balls and twelve practice tees made with different heights. The balls are made of foam, so they can never break or cause damage to your windows. On the other hand, the tees can help you with your wood and iron play off the tee.

The hitting surface is produced from high-synthetic materials. They can simulate the feeling of real grass. It comes with a 16mm turf that can assist you in working your short game. It also comes with a 35mm rough and fairway turf. Overall, it’s great at perfecting your golf game.

Champkey Golf  Mat Review

Heavier rubber base features non-slip,non-smell and Resistant Wear & Tear

Champkey 13" 17

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Key Features

  • Durable surface
  • Enhances swing consistency
  • Ultra-durable rubber backing
  • Provides longer service life

If you’re looking for a best golf mat that can help you set up perfectly on every shot, then you should definitely consider buying the Champkey Tracker-PRO Hitting Mats. It’s equipped with vertical and horizontal alignment guides. Both of these guides can help you with the aim and ball position.

It’s also equipped with guides that can trace inside as well as outside swing paths. These guides are helpful in giving you a visual reference. Due to these references, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re always having the club move towards the target.

This mat incorporates a technical fabric that will provide you with immediate feedback after impact. As a result, you’ll be able to see the directions your club traveled and thereby, make necessary corrections.

It comes with a three-layered construction, along with a thick rubber base. Both of them can offer you excellent shock absorption and prevent the mat from slipping while you’re practicing. Moreover, due to its 13 x 17-inch design, you won’t face any problem storing and transporting it as well.

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SKLZ Accelerator Pro Golf Putting Mat

9-foot indoor putting green, auto ball return, an excellent training facility  for developing your putting accuracy

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return, 9 feet x 16.25 inches

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Key Features

  • Develops accuracy and control
  • Promotes consistency
  • Uninterrupted training
  • True roll surface

When it comes to the matter of quality, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Golf Mat is one of the best golf mats on the market for putting. It is made of premium fabric. The best thing about this fabric is that it will never crease. So, with this mat, you’ll be able to practice without any disturbances or interruptions.

It comes with distance markings of three, five, and seven feet. It’s straight and narrow. Therefore, you’ll have no problem with working on your alignment. It features an integrated plastic wedge. This particular wedge can create an incline to where the cup is.

The steep incline of this mat will help you in practicing your putting stroke speed. It has the ability to emulate actual putting conditions so that you don’t feel any different when you start putting on an actual golf course.

It’s equipped with an integrated ball return that is crafted from 100% sturdy plastic. Thanks to the ball, you won’t have to walk up and down to get the ball frequently. However, it comes in separate parts and requires to be assembled.

Buying Guide for Best Golf Mats: 

Golf mats can be a major investment, sometimes. So, it’s really important to buy one that will positively affect your experience and match it with what your goals are.

Here are some of the most major important factors you must at least consider when you start figuring out which one’s perfect to meet all of your needs.


Size is a critical factor for golf mats, especially when you have limited space in your home. Larger mats are the best mats when it comes to size. They can emulate real golf course conditions excellently. They’re large enough to stand on. They’ll never move when you start practicing on them, as your body will stabilize them.

As they come with more surface area, they’re able to take wear and tear off your shots perfectly. However, larger mats are pretty expensive. If you think your budget can allow such expenses, then you can go buy one of them.

If the size of the mat is too small, then you’ll find it really uncomfortable to stand on because of a lack of enough space. So, you need to purchase another surface to stand on, and if the surface isn’t of the same level, you’ll feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if you go for a large size mat then you’ll have more practice space to practice comfortably. The only problem with a large-size golf mat is that it’ll take more space for your home golf setup. So, if you can set it in a fixed area, then you won’t have a big problem.

The size range of a mat is generally 2 square feet. However, 3′ x 5′ is considered the perfect size for various applications.

Before buying a mat, you have to measure the width and length of your home space. You also have to compare it to the dimensions of the mat you’re interested in buying. You also need to make sure that you can make a full swing unimpeded on it.


Material & DurabilityBest Hitting Mats for Golf

When it comes to the matter of material and durability, you should first consider the turf that the golf mat includes. With time, manufacturers have done an excellent job dialing in the grass on their mats. This is the reason why most golf mats feature an artificial turf that can give you a real grass feeling. These mats are better than the ones you can find at your average drive range.

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As for durability, you should consider whether or not the mat you’re interested in purchasing features a solid, thick base. If you want your mat to feel good and resist wear and tear efficiently, you must avoid buying cheap mats that cost less than $60.

A good way to verify the quality and durability of a golf mat is to look at what kind of opinions it has from the customers.


It’s important that you buy a hitting mat that is equipped with a high-quality hitting surface. Golf mats usually don’t include that many additional features. There are some models, however, that have more functionality.

For example, some golf mats come with multiple turf strips featuring different properties. With them, you might have a strip that can emulate both the fairway and rough and a strip for teeing it up and hitting woods.

Additionally, most golf balls will give you the chance to practice your putting. This effectively means that you can have every club in your bag. Mats are needed for only one fundamental purpose, and that is hitting shots. Still, there’s no harm in buying a golf mat that can offer extra functionality.


The thickness of a mat is nearly crucial to its durability and playability. A golf mat must have the ability to bounce back and respond similarly to natural turf. Otherwise, it won’t be able to absorb shock. Though it won’t be the same, it still will be capable of replicating that close relationship to give you the feedback you need to improve.

You need to be careful about the base of a golf mat. A golf mat base needs to be non-slip and non-skid. Most of the golf mat comes with a rubber layer that is ½ inch thick. The benefit of thicker golf mats is that they absorb more shock than the thin ones.


The last thing that you need to pay attention to is the weight of the mat. Weight is another important factor to consider when buying a mat, as it helps with its durability and extension of life.

Most of the latest mats utilize a combination of intelligent design and durable materials. Such design and materials can craft a mat that can withstand the beating you’ll inflict throughout thousands of swings.

If you don’t need to store your golf mat after each use, then the weight isn’t something that you need to be worried about. A common size mat with normal materials weight about 2 pounds per square foot.

However, buying a large mat won’t only take more space to store, but it’ll also be difficult to transport around.

Buy a mat that is sturdy and makes use of materials that usually come with a significant amount of strength. You’ll gain the ability to provide yourself with a sturdy foundation. Thanks to this kind of foundation, you’ll be to create an at-home workout and thereby keep your golf swing in the perfect shape.

 Types of Golf Mats:

A high-quality mat is really necessary if you don’t want to ruin your beautiful, luxurious lawn. Before you start any kind of real course, it can give you excellent training support.

You can set up your own practice facility in your home so that you can practice indoors anytime in any weather. Moreover, a bad-quality golf mat will do much more damage than good.

Golf mats can be differentiated based on ground conditions. Here are some different types of mats.

Driving range matsBest Golf Mats

This type of mat is considered as the most basic and designed to emulate a driving range. It only features a tee and a patch of greens. Usually, the rubber sole and synthetic grass are relatively thick because they support high-fat shots.

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Fairway practicing mat

Fairway mats are similar to driving range mats in many ways. They both only feature a tee and a patch of greens. The only difference is synthetic grass. The synthetic grass in the Fairway golf mat features thinner nylon that helps to emulate the Fairway drive with less resistance.

Fairway rough mat

You can guess by the name; a fairway rough mat for practice includes one or more rough surfaces besides the fairway surface. It’s bigger than your fairway practice mats and driving range mats. As it’s bigger than other mats, it can accommodate different surfaces and are usually more expensive.

Rough practicing mat

This mat is similar to the Fairway rough practice mats, but this one only features rough surfaces. The rough surfaces are built from polypropylene materials in order to emulate roughness.

Sand trap mat

A sand trap practice mat usually features a nylon surface. The nylon surface emulates the heavy rough, and another surface emulates sand traps. This type of mat uses thin polypropylene material to emulate the tough lies of the sand surface.

Putting MatPutting mat

The last type of mat on our list is the putting mat. The key difference between this mat and all the other mats that we’ve mentioned above is the inclusion of a hole. Sometimes more than one hole can be seen. A putting green mat is made bigger than the usual driving range mat so that you can practice your accuracy.

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Safety Golf Tips

One thing to remember is that it’s not safe to use regular golf tees on the golf practicing mat because it’ll destroy the base of the mat. If you still want to use the regular tees, then you need to use tee holders. Also, some premium golf mat lets you use regular tees.

Best Golf Mat: Frequently Ask Questions

Is it bad to practice golf on a mat?

 There are advantages as well as disadvantages to practicing on golf mats. You never feel a hitting sensation on Synthetic Mats that you can feel on Natural Grasses. You can’t fully sure about your accurate distance. You’re going to hit the ball, but your mind goes that your golf club never contacts underneath the hitting surface. As a result, you don’t get a real feel of the sensation that can provide you with real grass.

There is a high probability to ruin your lawn by practicing on the grasses. Also due to bad weather and a hostile environment, you can practice indoors. So better you can buy a golf practice mat for indoor and outdoor. However, by using a tee you can overcome the problem mostly. But the golf mat rubber can damage gradually by using the tee regularly and a possibility there are, you may injure on a damaged surface.

What is the best golf mat for you?

It depends mostly on your needs and conditions. In the market, there are many golf mats that will feel the best for you. But a few things have to be considered before buying the best golf mats like- Price, dimension, surface thickness, stability, durability, indoor-outdoor portability, and seller warranty.


You won’t develop your baseball skills using a cucumber as a bat. So, just like that there’s no point in hitting golf balls off a piece of worn doormat or old carpet. Investing in a quality golf mat is also an investment in your health because hitting ball after ball on an inadequate hitting surface can lead to injury.

There is a wide range of factors to consider when selecting the best golf mats as your particular budget, swing style, speed, and many more! We hope that our article will help you to make the right decision.

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