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s7K Putter Reviews: A Worthy Buying Guide


Putting is one of the essential parts of a golf course. While the rest of the golf club offers you a lot of forgiveness and space, putting does not. You must be accurate when putting, and there is no room for mistake. One small twist of the hand and you have earned another stroke.

You have to consider everything when putting. In fact, you have considered the line, the slope, the distance, and the strength of the swing. You even have to consider how long a swing you are taking. Now, you get the point, putting is very difficult.

While I cannot completely say that the right putter will make things easier and better but I can say one thing- it surely will support you better. The rest depends on your practice and will power. Well, accuracy as well.

This is one of the most famous putters out there. It is expensive but for good reason. In fact, it does ease up the putting experience a bit and it is even suitable for those greens with a lot of slopes.

So, is the S7K putter for you? Let us find out through the review.

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S7K Putter Reviews: The Features

Why exactly do people like and dislike this Putter? The features will tell us all about it.

  • The Triple Line Guide Path.

What did we say was important while putting? Accuracy, line, swing, what not? But, most the direction- the track. With ordinary putters, you have to place the Putter, then hold in place with one hand, get behind it, and see if the line goes where you want it to go.

With this Putter, nothing like that is necessary. You can place the Putter behind the ball (Titleist AVX, Vice Tour, and many others), and you will see three lines from the top.

The two outer edges will be parallel to the outer lines of the hole, and the middle one will point directly at the center of the hole. Isn’t that crisp and clear? You will be more accurate as you won’t have to worry about lines so much.


this Putter looks like a normal putter but it’s like no other putter I’ve ever seen before because when you put it on the ground it’s magic it stands up all by itself so how strange is that the facts it stands up all by itself because normal putters definitely dull and it’s not magic it’s quite simple the head is really heavy 400 grams the head which is way heavier than the normal Putter and with its light shaft it’s like grip it helps it stand up now the head not only is it super heavy it’s got a load of alignment on it because one of the hardest things we put in is making sure you aim the Putter in the right direction she’s got these three lines it’s got the even extended sections here with even more lines on it and a very simple target dot on top I actually like the shape I think it’s a good-looking putter it’s got a little bit of milling on the face which helps with the roll it’s not a bad-looking actual putter head now this Putter is from s7k and it cost me 170 dollars on line this has been plastered all over the US commercials on golf channels etc and it’s interesting I like to test one to see if it is actually as good as they claim because you read or watch the commercial you think it’s the best thing ever now once you’ve got the heavy head to make it stand up you need a really light shaft and the light grip and that’s what they’ve done this graphite shaft is super light st. it’s only 57 grams but I think it’s even lighter than that and it’s got this kind of foam a grip that I’ve actually never ever seen on a golf club ever before it’s it’s a squishy foam material where grips are normally rubber I’ve got some concerns about that as much as it’s ridiculous it lie I can’t imagine for one minute that’s gonna last a long time I thought I was gonna wear very quickly certainly shoving it in and out your bag that’s gonna tip tear and Rick bought all the components together means that it’s Putter can stand up on its own but why earth would you want a putter to stand up on its own and I can show the answers are here because on a port one of the hardest things to do as I mentioned is lying in the Potter up straight at the start making sure you aim it exactly where you want the ball to start that’s if you’ve read it correctly that is and it’s hard to do that when you’re looking down on a putter head as much as puts ahead to really change the design a lot to help it it’s hard to look at it from here because the eye perspective is incorrect so with this foot sir once you’ve lined it up where you think it’s supposed to be you can still win look at that you can let go and then kind of stand behind and have a look stand behind and see right are those lines aiming correctly or from here they are those lines now are aiming where I want the ball to start then you can come back to the Putter hold it ideally without moving it with a new maybe sense of confidence that you can hold that put more it worked that time now one of the things is you can aim it correctly yes that’s part of hole and a port the other part is making sure you hit it in the right spot on the Putter and also keep that face as straight as possible and that’s not a guarantee with this Putter one of the strangest things is because it’s got such a ridiculously heavy head compared to a normal putter it feels so weird when you swing it it almost feels and this is a very strange reference it almost feels like it’s got a magnetic connection to the green it feels like when you literally lift it up you always have to pick it up off the ground it almost feels like it’s attached in some way and then during the stroke because it is that really heavy head and like shaft it it just feels strange it feels not flimsy the wrong description almost a little bit a little bit harder to know where exactly where the club head is but all this I like I like this idea can line up I’ve got a couple of concerns that’s one of them could fall over in the wind now if that putzi hits the ball you actually don’t get penalized which is okay you can just replace it and start again but it is gonna be a little bit off-putting so that’s one concern a house the fact that the Putter blows over when it’s really windy not all the time but it’s when it’s really windy you’re the concern I have is the speed it takes if you get really good at it you can actually speed up the process I could have a quick look behind ya I’m happy with that if I’m not gonna have a little squeak and actually it could speed up play but I’ve got big concerns when you first take out on the golf course it’s gonna slow things down doesn’t thing is how weird is that gonna be when you go and pitch up on a Saturday morning with your playing partners and pull this out the bag and set it up like that imagine the strange funny looks you’re gonna get if you you’re okay with that it’s probably going to work and you’re going to hold some ports but if you’re not if you feel a bit insecure then that could be a big issue so I know many of you will ask this is it legal well it is it’s legal for tournament play which surprised me cuz I didn’t think this would be legal so one thing I do want to show you is if I just drop this ball on the hill and you can see it rolling down there we are in a bit of an undulation it’s how does it sit on a hill well that still stands off even when it’s on a hill I think any more severe than that the ball itself wouldn’t even stand up on that hill so it passes standing up on the hill test so what do I like about this standalone Putter well it’s just that it stands alone I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve never even used anything like it and for certain circumstances for certain situations I could see it really helping for certain golfers if you really struggle with your alignment this could be a huge game-changer where it won’t work cause if you still read the Greens wrong if you read the Greens wrong because another way you start that ball you’re more likely you’re gonna miss now whether you’ll develop green reading skills down the line it has to be seen so I like the fact it stands up it’s different I don’t believe that the swing in swing it’s the nicest feeling in the world but it’s not horrendous and I just think you know what I love it I mean you’re gonna get some funny looks I think it has a lot of positives but also mixed with many negatives it’s not as good as what it says on the commercial and you’ve got to believe me when I say that because the commercials will make you think you hold everything in the world but it’s not bad it’s different and I like that guys thanks watching hope you enjoyed the video and that was a standalone pot I don’t think it’s gonna make it into my bag though you
  • A Putter that stands everywhere.

Now, most putters claim to stand and do stand but on a plain ground. This one stands perfectly on slopes as well. Therefore, putting anywhere will never be a trouble for you. You can just fix the line, keep the Putter as it is, leave it and get behind the Putter to check if the line is alright.

Even more, you do not have to adjust the angle when you come back. The Putter is made in a way that it stays in the angle that is ideal for you to hit the ball, although very few customers mentioned that it does not do so well at standing in slopes.

The SK7 has the ability to almost set up itself and can help golfers level out their missing angles and start the golf ball down an accurate line.

  • The Strike Dot.

Everything is usually perfect when you are ready to putt it. You know your line, your distance, your swing, everything. But, something just always goes wrong, doesn’t it?

What goes wrong is your swing. Under the intense pressure, you crack, and your swing goes astray. The trick is to keep your eye downwards and not lift your head when you hit the ball. It ruins the rhythm. The swing does not go straight.

To help you with this, the Putter has a striking dot on it. When you focus on the golf ball right with the strike dot, you do better. While it will not completely fix your problem, it will get better.

  • The Build.

This Putter has quite a durable build with perfect alignment. It has a head that made of stainless steel and a shaft also that is made of graphite. According to many, the head is a bit heavy. But, it does help you to gain more control, so that is more a pro than a con. However, the unit tends to get rusted easily when wet. And that is not something you expect from such an expensive group.

Then comes the grip. It is made from EVA foam. While EVA foam is light and comfortable, it may not be the greatest at providing you with a firm grip.

  • The Specifications.

This s7K stand putter has a length of 34.5 inches, which is quite good for a putter. The loft is 3 degrees. And, it has a high MOI as well.

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S7K Stand Putter Review: Pros and Cons

  • Improves the game by providing better guidance when it comes to the line and direction of the putt.
  • The three lines on it are beneficial.
  • It stands and stays stable very well on slopes as well.
  • No need for adjustments.
  • It has a bit massive head, which is suitable for putting.
  • The measurement used in the building is quite right.
  • The strike dot helps to improve the swing.
  • A bit expensive.
  • It tends to get rusted fast.
  • The handle is not that great.

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S7K Putter: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you change the grip?

Answer: You can, but when you do, you may experience a falling putter rather than a standing one.

2. Is this Putter legal for tournaments?

Answer: Yes, it is according to the rules of golf. It has been approved by USGA Club so you can rest assured.

3. Does it come with a cover?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a cover.

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Final Words

The s7K Stand Putter is an incredible one not only in the build but also in the design. How many putters out there help you to become better at putting? While many intend to not many are successful.

But, this one with it’s attention to details is quite successful in improving your putts. Furthermore, the weight and build provide a great balance feel to your hands when you are using this putter. While it does come at a price and with a few cons, it entirely is worth it. As for the rust issue, you can deal with that by not keeping the Putter wet at any cost.

So, most of what I have to say about this Putter is good things. You can seriously consider it if it’s the right length for you. you can find out more reviews if you are interested in Best Driver for Beginners and Callaway Rogue X Irons.

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Let’s See Video Review for S7K Putter


I stand alone with the stand alone putter my name is Troy Claro we’re here with another US golf TV Club review and today we have the standalone putter now I’ve already made enough magic and sorcery jokes today to meet my quota but this putter is unlike anything you’ll see on the market it completely stands upright on its own it’s it’s pretty simple guys it’s it’s it’s a putter that’s got a ton of weight in the head and it’s got the lightest graphite shaft with a light foam grip that allows the club to stand upright now everybody knows that in putting there are a lot of variables things that can go wrong everything needs to align in order for you to make a putt right you’ve got the speed of the green you’ve got your alignment you’ve got the way in which the putts gonna break you’ve got how long the putts gonna be you’ve got the way in which you stand to it you’ve got there’s so much that can go wrong one of the biggest things in terms of a positive that you can get with this s7k standalone putter is that you’re gonna eliminate two huge variables every single time so if you guys have seen infomercials on the Golf Channel for this putter the number one element that this putter is gonna help you with is your aim and alignment because that putter can stand up on its own and it’s completely self-sustaining you can take a step back unlike you can with any other putter and you can actually see where your putter is aimed see where it’s aimed see where it’s aligned and visualize the line and if you’re hitting a five six eight foot putt and you just need to hit it dead straight you’ve completely eliminated a variable by knowing exactly where that putter is aimed the second variable you’ll notice is that it automatically kind of set your hands in position now when i putt i putt with a fractional forward press I know a lot of guys put differently there’s guys that putt the left hand low those guys that lean that left wrist forward there are guys like Zach Johnson who put their their hands behind the ball the way in which this stand alone it actually is gonna have your hands a little bit behind the putter head now for me personally my concern is always is it adding too much loft is that adding too much loft to the putter and am I gonna start hitting kind of bouncy putts that happen don’t roll super smooth but actually I didn’t do a ton of research on to the loft of the putter I couldn’t find exactly what the specs were for that I’m sure there’s somewhere online but I did not feel like the putter was adding too much loft by any means I felt like it was able to hit it solid able hit it square and pretty much wherever I had that thing aimed when I stood behind it is where it started so in terms of positives it’s a really good tool really good putter if helping you hit it straight helping you with your alignment helping you with your hand position a couple of critiques I have first of all it’s got a very very heavy heavy head and a wide base and that’s obviously so the putter can stand up and be in a consistent spot every single time but what I noticed is when you have that heavy of a head and this light of a grip I didn’t feel like there was any feedback at all I felt like I had no relationship between the ball and my hands and and for some golfers that may not be a big deal that may not be super important they may just want to make sure that their alignment is good then make a simple stroke but I like getting that feedback in my hands and so it was hard for me to kind of control the putts I mean I was kind of I mean granddad’s hit him downhill and they were fast putts and I was rolling him by and I didn’t necessarily feel like I was you’ll see a lot of putters there was a technology technology push a few years back where you started to see a lot of Tour Pros and instructors talk about counterbalancing putters you still see it around counter balancing a putter for those of you unaware essentially means adding weight into the handle of the putter and what that does is that it puts the mo I in line so that you can get you can get a more consistent stroke more stability and it really helps your hands get feedback through the stroke this putter does the exact opposite I’m telling you from about halfway up the shaft and up I doubt there’s a lighter putter on the planet this foam grip literally weighs almost nothing and the graph I shaft you can even feel I mean it’s it’s it’s hollow it’s light it even has a little bit of flex to it when I bend it so it really all is in allowing the putter to stand up allowing it to align itself and then putting your hands in the same consistent spot every time now we all know what that feels like to stand up to a putt get our putter in and we just can’t get comfortable we pitch it we wiggle we stand closer we move our foot and we just can’t seem to figure out exactly how our body should be in proportion of the putter but I’ll tell you what would this stand alone I was able to just walk up to it stand next to the putter look down at it get a feel for the line and then just grip it and go and it was actually a pretty simple motion yeah so that’s it guys this is the s7k putter but if you guys have any questions about this in terms of performance in terms of how it felt feel free to just drop a comment below we’d love to kind of engage with you guys down there and answer any questions you may have but yeah that was the standalone standalone s7k putter there it is so before you guys take off feel free to subscribe we’d love to have you guys follow along our page we’re posting instruction Golf Club reviews we’re posting all sorts of stuff on a weekly basis so feel free to subscribe before you take off and yeah have a good day see ya

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