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A cause-and-effect situation is what we desire when we perform well. When you are playing golf, and you hit a great shot, you want everyone, including yourself, to know. The ball may not go very far, but that sound you hear? That click? Is what many golfers just play for. 

This is the cause-and-effect experience I am talking about. You swing and hit the ball right; you want to hear it. But not all clubs and not all balls will let you have that pleasure. You need both the right club and the right ball construction for it.

Let us focus on the ball here. There are many great golf balls out there. And the ball titlist is certainly one of them. Has Titleist ever really disappointed golfers? Rarely.

This AVX Golf Ball Review will inform you about the features and what makes it suitable and not suitable for you. One thing you can be sure of about it is that it produces one of the best sounds.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball
 AVX Titleist (number one ball in golf)

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Reviews: The Features

So, what makes the ball Avx what it really is? Let’s find out.

A Softcore

Let’s start from the inside of the ball because that is what is valuable, right? Apparently, with time, you will notice that golfers prefer softer cores more. And that is exactly what this AVX ball has.

This is partly the reason behind the ball creating such a beautiful click when you hit it right. You will love how to feel the ball when you hit it in the game. In fact, it won’t seem like you are hitting a rock as it feels like with many other balls like Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls.

Furthermore, softer core balls usually have a higher spin. But the ball does not. This is because of its innovative design, which includes the other parts of the ball.

The Layer  

The AVX Golf Ball Titleist has a high flex casing layer. Therefore, it not only gives you more control but also helps with the distance. Under the Urethane, the cover layer provides more powerful ball speed than is typically expected on a softer ball.

Also, it works with the lower-compression, high-speed core to produce more ball speed and distance. It is most noticeable on long and mid irons, providing lower spins.


The Cover Layer

Unlike other balls, the Titleist golf ball does just have a modified cover. Apparently, it uses GRN41 cast Urethane cover in the cover layer. This is also one of the reasons why the ball has a low spin despite having a soft core.
All the layers of the ball combined make it what it is. In other words, you say that each part balances the other. The soft core is balanced by the outer layer.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball

The Dimples

Only when you are an engineer will you be able to understand how much difference just little changes can make. You can understand simply right now, but how do engineers do it? I always wonder.

Apparently, dimples are a simple part of the golf ball, and the AVX designers manipulated it a bit. Instead of getting the traditional shape and depth, the ball got 352 spherically tiled catenary aerodynamic dimples. Apparently, the dimples are shallower in-depth and have more sharp edges.

How does it affect the ball flight? Well, the sharp edges naturally create more resistance. As a result, the ball has a lower flight (fighting the nature of the softcore again).  

So, small changes make a big difference in this case. Small changes in the form of DIMPLE DESIGN.

Distance, Spin, and Flight.

Titleist advertises this ball as a low spin, low flight, and long-distance one. And that is exactly what it is. The low flight makes you go a few yards more. Furthermore, the dimples reduce spin and flight as well. With that, you manage to go even more straight.

When you are using drivers, you have the lowest flight. With the increasing number of iron shots, ball flight also increases. So, you do not have anything to worry about in long games.

The trouble is with the short game. The ball will be a bit slow around the green and you will have to hit it harder. Otherwise, the AVX Titleist will be stuck around the green.

  • The softcore produces a great sound on contact. The layers of the AVX do balance the high spin that the softcore is supposed to create. Small changes in the dimples make a big difference and reduce ball flight. It can go quite a distance with soft feel and the lower flight. It is very suitable for long games. The color and looks of the Titleist AVX are great. Good for golfers with higher swing speeds. Very durable.
  • Not the best choice for short games. May be slow for putting. Quite expensive.

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Titleist AVX Golf Balls: FAQs:

What is the compression in the core of the new AVX  golf ball?

The new AVX ball has a low compression core, and it is softcore.

How is the AVX different from the Pro V1 and Pro V1x?

Apparently, the AVX has a lower spin, lower launch, and a softer core than the Pro V1 and V1x. Thus, these usually provide a much better feel.

Titleist AVX Ball

In Conclusion

The Ball Titleist actually impresses most golfers as a premium ball out there. However, whether this ball will suit you or not completely depends on how you play- your swing and style. If you talk about the price, you have to admit that it is quite expensive.

Then again, you get the quality of Titleist balls with it. You know that these balls will last you a lifetime and give you tour-level performance that many others failed to provide. So, these are not bad choices, and it is worth giving these balls a try. Hope this Titleist AVX golf ball reviews provide you with the information you are looking for.

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Let’s watch a video for the Titleist AVX ball review.

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