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The Titleist AVX Golf Ball Reviews 2020!


A cause and effect situation is what we desire when you perform well. When you are playing golf and you hit a great shot, you want everyone, including yourself to know. The ball may not go very far but that sound you hear? That click? Is what many golfers just play for. 

This is the cause and effect experience I am talking about. You swing and hit right, you want to hear it. But, not all clubs and not all balls will let you have that pleasure. You need both the right club and the right ball construction for it.

Let us focus on the ball here. There are many great golf balls out there. And, the Titleist Avx golf ball is certainly one of them. Has Titleist ever really disappointed golfers? Rarely.

This Titleist AVX Golf Ball Reviews will tell you about the features and what makes it suitable and also not suitable for you. One thing you can be sure of about it is that it produces one of the best sounds there is.

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Titleist AVX Golf Ball Reviews: The Features 

So, what makes the Avx ball what it really is? Let’s find out.

1. A Softcore

Let’s start from the inside of the ball because that is what is valuable, right? Apparently, with time, you will notice that golfers prefer softer cores more. And, that is exactly what this AVX golf ball has.

This is partly the reason behind the ball creating such a beautiful click when you hit it right. You will love how to feels ball when you hit it in the game. In fact, it won’t seem like you are hitting a rock as it feels like with many other balls like, Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf ball.

Furthermore, softer core balls usually have a higher spin. But, the AVX ball does not. This is because of its innovative design which includes the other parts of the ball.

2. The Casing  Layer  

The Titleist ball has a high flex casing layer. Therefore, it not only gives you more control but also helps with the distance. Under the Urethane cover layer provides more powerful ball speed than is typically expected on a softer ball.

Also, it works with the lower-compression, high-speed core to produce more speed and distance. It is most noticeable on long and mid irons, providing lower spins.

3. The Cover Layer

Unlike other balls, the new AVX ball reformed with low compression core has a modified soft feel urethane cover. Apparently, it uses GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover in the cover layer.

This is also one of the reasons why the ball has a low spin despite having a softcore. All the layers of the Titleist AVX combined make it what it is. In other words, you say that each part balances the other. The softcore is balanced by the outer layer.

Titleist AVX Ball

4.  The Dimples

Only when you are an engineer will you be able to understand how much difference just little changes can make. You can understand simply right now, but how do engineers do it? I always wonder.

Apparently, dimples are a simple part of the golf ball, and the AVX designers manipulated it a bit. Instead of getting the traditional shape and depth, the AVX ball got 352 spherically tiled catenary aerodynamic dimples. Apparently, the dimples are shallower in-depth and have more sharp edges.

How does it affect the ball flight? Well, the sharp edges naturally create more resistance. As a result, the ball has a lower flight (fighting the nature of the softcore again).  

So, you see, small changes make a big difference in this case. Small changes in the form of dimple designs.

5. Distance, spin, and flight.

Titleist advertises this ball as a low spin, low flight, and long-distance one. And, that is exactly what it is. The low flight makes you go a few yards more. Furthermore, the dimples reduce spin and flight as well. With that, you manage to go even more straight.

When you are using drivers, you have the lowest flight. With the increasing number of iron shots, the flight also increases. So, you do not have anything to worry about in long games.

The trouble is with the short game. The ball will be a bit slow around the green and you will have to hit it harder. Otherwise, the AVX Titleist will be stuck around the green.

AVX Golf Balls

Titleist AVX Golf Ball: Pros and Cons: 

  • The softcore produces a great sound on contact.
  • The layers of the AVX do balance the high spin that the softcore is supposed to create.
  • Small changes in the dimples make a big difference and reduce ball flight.
  • It can go quite distance with a soft feel and the lower flight.
  • It is very suitable for long games.
  • The color and looks of the Titleist AVX are great.
  • Good for golfers with higher swing speeds.
  • Very durable.
  • Not the best choice for short games.
  • May be slow for putting.
  • Quite expensive.

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Frequently Ask Questions:AVX Golf Balls

1. What is the compression in the core of the AVX ball?
The new Titleist AVX ball has low compression in its softcore.
2. How is the AVX different from the Pro V1 and Pro V1x?
Apparently, the AVX has lower spin, lower launch, and a softer core than the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. Thus, it usually provides a much better feel.

In conclusion

The Ball Titleist actually impresses most golfers as a premier golf ball out there. However, whether this ball will suit you or not completely depends on how you play- your swing and style. If you talk about the price, then you have to admit that it sure is quite expensive.

Then again, you get the quality of Titleist balls with it. You know that these balls will last you a lifetime and also give you performance that many other balls failed to give you. So, these are not a bad choice to make. It is worth giving these balls a try.

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Let’s See a Video


hey guys and welcome back to the channel so that followed on a little bit from last week’s ball testing where we tested Pro v1 versus Pro v1x and interesting result for us was we really never saw much of a difference we were exploring there this of maybe have a better misconception that the ball so that’s a switch places and probably one X was no the the higher lodge and higher spin ball and probably one was a little bit lower launched and slow loris pinball we never really found that to be the case no we found that there were very similar and spend a little bit of a difference in lunch but yep there wasn’t really that much of a difference and I think towards the wages we actually saw the probably when they spend marginally less it did so they definitely close the gap but probably one still definitely spend a little bit more in the short which is what we saw which is kind of where you actually will start to see the golf ball change its characteristics more is around around the the sort of shorter irons into wedges I think the golf ball the engineers are just trying to get the ball to do the same thing off the driver right launch fairly high spend barely low and as fast as we possibly can get it for that specific because no one doesn’t want that that’s that’s what launch conditions are so play today what we’ve managed to do is get our hands on some title CVX call pause I know there’s been some some testing being done out there you know we always like ticking of you know do our own tests and obviously see what we see and you know today we’re going to run that through we found that Pro v1x was slightly better for you last time didn’t we in terms of my numbers that we’re really good yeah I got some great results so we’re really pick that ball today to test with and and also being that is the closest ball to I guess what we think that the AVX will do in terms of being a little more spit hat aghori as well yeah like we know the pro v1 spins a bit more than X anyway yeah or is so similar that we might as well use the X as the baseline yeah exactly the interesting thing will be to see though the AV X designed to launch quite low whereas pro v1x is designed to launch quite high launch low yeah why would they do that just that for the type of player who just get a head start you know what that moon ball yeah you know when we talk about apex off light and trying to get you know the this of the peak height to be a certain range right know quite nice of the ball can help us out a little bit with towards bringing that apex down a little bit for the guys who may be playing the wind and can don’t like that high peak that type of thing so it’s gonna be a really interesting test lots of lots of positive buzz about evx so far hunts you know soft soft succour so lower compression but this of design cover design that’s designed to launch lure spend less right we’re gonna test it with the driver 6-iron 58-degree wedge fool yes in 58-degree wedge partial exact so that was saying that from the last yes based on feedback that was something that we you know we one of the viewers can have you asked us to do and we thought that was a really valid thing to add is impartial wedge shot so we want to see how those less than full swings or what type of characteristics we get on those let’s do it [Music] guys welcome back interesting test man really really interesting test I think that’s by far the most significant ball test we’ve done today in terms of difference between the flights yeah I’ve never seen two balls so so different that are they’re both premium balls it’s not like this isn’t a 2-piece range ball yes exactly small never seen a difference like that in ball flight premium materials and and obviously just a different design characteristic designed to produce a different flight and my god it produces a difference does it ever really really interesting so let’s get start over with the driver I got to give an honorable mention to the return of Matt speed yes its back it’s nice its back and think you guys got fired up last week was that it’s some lovely the concern was it was very nice to have really good to see Matt with swinging to be honest that’s the best I’ve ever seen you swinging after and by far your your swing teens are really starting to sell down which is good which is that by far which is why your speed is is back up into the 170 ball speed mark so really cool so AVX as we mentioned in the intro designed to launch lure spend less absolutely fit the belt exactly what it did so the interesting thing for me Matt was the Pro v1x you actually drew the pro v1x slightly more right so a ball that draws more would we would normally say launch lure and spend less because it’s got a little bit more curve to it so I’m really surprised that even though the AVX was the straighter golf ball it was still about you know point 0.8 of almost a full degree lower launch and 200 almost exactly two hundred rpms last so you’re saying if we straighten that probe you want exactly the same as the AVX it should actually spin a bit more than jelly and a bit higher launch angle you would expect that pretty good pretty good difference but it’s enough so the additional launch and spin and speed we go again as given us about eight yards more carry on the pro v1x so if we see the Blue flight slightly higher that’s a slightly nicer more bounce trajectory the AVX was a little too flat for me yeah for me we tended to see it kind of just always fall out the sky a little bit for you Matt which is which is really interesting we know no matter driver testing we’ve done together we know where kid almost battling to get a little more speed in yeah so that was that was really good to see so let’s touch on the ball speed and this was one that I you brought up during the the swings and I thought was really interesting so we’re trying to kind of use the compression and match that to what a player does right absolutely you know max compression we don’t want too much there is a point where compression becomes too much compression and want the ball to compress tumor exactly so you’ll actually start to los a little bit of energy if you compress it too much so I’m you know I think that’s what we’re seeing from the farmer Pro v1x you’re actually getting the ball to rebound a little quicker off the face by nature of that core being a little bit firmer and a mile slower on the swing speed which makes that even more interesting yes I actually swung a mile slower mhm and got two and a half miles an hour more ball speed so better output that’s exactly it so the efficiency of the pro v1x was higher for you than the than with the AVX so that was really interesting for me so and all three categories in which I would serve try to isolate in order to improve performance ball speeds more is better launch angle well we’re just one that I mean for you somewhere around 11 12 degrees is great and spin rate you know towards 2000 is good maybe a sheet over 2000 would be optimal yeah but we’re really close so in all categories for me that Pro v1x wins for you at all for me now if you had someone come in with like too much launch and spin yeah it’s an unbelievable unbelievabl I know what to do that with someone’s driver this will mean I’ll carry a sleeve of these and are George’s for that guy who comes ending your kin of you you’re edging them towards improvement and this might be the icing on the cake let’s add that new head with forward CG you know the right shaft to create the right amount of energy and obviously improve the fuel and the delivery and Inlet sides let’s potentially add in the golf ball that you know rains all that stuff together and really make a great package it’s pretty amazing really is so this is and that was interesting enough it gets more interesting moving to the six own yeah over here we see the exact same improvement and ball speed yep so we’re 2 miles an hour more we are exactly the same launch which it was interesting for me mm-hmm but this is where it got cool I mean where’s what we got there 150 more spent really interesting that’s a difference that’s the difference between I mean again we’re gonna first talk about how this fits me but for the guy that spins an iron way too much what else could drop a thousand off someone’s spin rate without like four degrees of loft like that’s crazy you know that that’s exactly so if you’re if you’re someone who’s who’s just needs to head out a bit farther you know going towards a lower spin rate will help you you know that’s you’re not trying to add more precision sure that’s going to help you for the guy who’s obviously trying to head it with more precision I you yeah you know those launch conditions are fantastic we’ll see if we look over here at the [Music] angle descent Pro v1x was coming in at 47 degrees AVX was coming in at forty four point eight degrees big difference in angle of descent yeah so that’s all spin because we saw the launch was more or less to say yeah level velocity improves with their with with pro v1x but really I mean that that’s Penry I can’t emphasize that nothing that’s massive yeah that’s great I’ve never seen nothing we’ve ever tested with me no 6-iron has ever ever been that dip and and the the you know viewers who who have been with us from the start wouldn’t have been testing golf balls and clubs and we’ve never been able to separate you know spend in this way we tested them a huge cavity back in a blade they weren’t even hardly any different in spin with the same loft and this is a thousand different just with a ball it’s pure and it’s purely like your call and it spends separation cuz that when you can keep the launch the same and get it to change that much less massive so guys when you know if you’re right there and you feel like you know you struggle on those windy days and the ball gets a little pitchy and peaky try the VX that’s going to be an unbelievable wedding ball for for some guys like if for me yeah I go play in Scotland for example I should play Navy yes sir because I could play in the wind just so much easier just flight your ball and a nice little flight window and awesome let’s look at the apex I select something I actually never caught the the number of so a hundred and nine feet with apex on the pro-v 101 so there’s yeah eight feet difference do you see and and height very very I mean it’s it’s interesting to see that because maybe visually obviously ten feet of height is you’ll notice it mm-hmm but it’s the the backspin that the the look of the flight would just be so different with that lack of spin it wouldn’t be rising as much it would kind of just be knuckling through the air exactly so the differences continue as we go towards the the wedges this is where we saw them yes thank you separation huge so if we go to the pro v1x Matt was spinning that at eleven thousand nine hundred and forty four as it should as you have been you know last time like you’re averaging around the same numbers eleven thousand and five hundred somewhere but there ivx with the the standard wedge shot was only spinning that’s to spend less than nine thousand eighteen thousand nine hundred and seventy yeah that’s a full rib with a 58 with really fresh grooves yeah only nine thousand three thousand rpms different that’s wild that is I mean you can’t you can’t emphasize to someone how different that is yeah so this is the part of the bag to me where I guess the benefit of that stops mm-hmm I mean you you there’s really no players that would want to spin their wedges less do you think it’s it’s rare that’s amazing I want three thousand less on my lob wedge because you want as much spin as you can’t yeah yeah no that that would be that would be a rare I would agree with that there’s somebody would try and spin it but I mean in order to get that achievement in the 6-iron and the driver and it only makes sense that the wedge has them yeah the biggest difference we saw that with X and probably one I think if you find that all the other things we’ve talked about with a VX you prefer the softer feel you could do with a little less spin and you just this is more for awareness that when you head it into the Greens expect it to roll out a little bit more it will do exactly what we saw with the ball fights yeah quick grab as much so you know you’ll get a little bit higher launch with it on the wedges no we didn’t see much difference in launch with the sec sound but we are seeing a a big difference on on the wages so launch angle was about almost just over three degrees of difference in launch angle three degrees and 3,000 rpm to spend yeah very different completely different flight you know you really notice that a lot out there they’re saying Jason results you were actually backing up you’re the pro v1 actually would back up to yards and Navy X was more of a drop and still sit very interesting very cool right let’s look at the partial shots so we were trying to get the the ball to be about 50 yards was our target so we averaged 52 and 54 with the AVX AVX spun its 6700 pro v1 at seventy seven hundred thousand rpms of difference launch angles twenty eight point seven versus 30.9 yeah so again a pretty big difference apart yeah yeah a couple degrees in a thousand thousand rpms it’s pretty significant this is by far the most dramatic taste I’ve seen in two golf balls changing those over I have not I have not seen anyone elses taste and reflect this nearly as much I’m not sure why I’m not sure if your speeds are being hired shows our bigger separation people do ask that maybe that’s what it is in you know we have a lot of testing to be done with golf balls for players with all different speeds yeah Matt found a massive difference between those those two golf balls I think it would be safe to say maybe look at it more as a percentage of your say you’re a person that spins it only at a certain number we’ve kind of identified a percentage difference between the two things right but if you swing really slow obviously your spin will be a little closer together but I can’t imagine two golf balls being more yea dissimilar in flight that are both premium golf balls yeah definitely so the type of player like we said the ball flight is a little too high maybe they play on greens ooh-hoo that are a little bit soft and they hold nice landing next would be a great option other than that you know you probably wouldn’t give up your pro v1x no one probably wouldn’t suit me but honestly a few years ago I used to spin the ball just way too much with everything and I tried different clubs that helped but a player like that that maybe I used to be a little more steep and spin the ball the time yeah that’s a great option it’s a great ball and you buy a dozen balls and your ball flight completely changing yeah I really tip my hat to Titleist for a for producing this golf ball because the the the delivered of technology that it has genuine difference agree that’s not that’s not that easy to do and a lot of the time you know people will we’ll call it marketing hype and all that stuff and trying to go towards a certain you know market group this ball makes a difference this will absolutely lower your spin and lower your flight so if that’s what you need a suggestion you’ll pick up a dozen go taste them and see what you find and I think feel wise you guys will find probably what I found it feels quite nice Suzy I don’t think that you would I mean you can tell a subtle difference but it’s a nice soft golf ball you wouldn’t feel like you’re playing a distance ball right but you you are playing in distance bowling it really is a nice low spin ball so yeah it feels a good they did a good job in the soft feel with that okay guys we hope this is kind of been an informative and gives you some food for thought when you’re choosing golf balls and you know got butter ball testing is is you know it’s tough for us we’ve done quite a lot of it recently yes will you rehab so many shots and we do do a ball test and so we know we’ll probably taper away from it for a little bit and we’re going to got a lot of other topics it’s on in the next little while but once we do our outdoor testing will probably Riaan reduce a little more turf ball outdoor test and so bunker shots or try and get the cord in the bunker and everyone done that yes I’ve not seen that I’ve not seen that like yeah that would be pretty cool we were going to get outside and see yeah on you know on 10 25 50 foot putts is there a difference in ball speed output what’s the difference between one ball and one another once we get outdoors we’re going to do that as well so we’ve got you know cord with its new capability of reading and measuring putts where we’re going to do that so awesome so mad so much you know of so much scope we’ve got with with doing these tests awesome looking forward to it excellent guys thanks so much for joining us we’ll see you soon you

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