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Kirkland 3 Piece Golf Ball Review (Update 2020)


Golf is known as a rich man only sport and it will surely leave a dent in your wallet. Golf club sets can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The least expensive part of this sport is golf balls. However, using a cheap low-quality ball will ultimately result in useless.

So, when first Costco introduced the new Kirkland Signature 3-piece Golf Ball, since then both amateur and professional golfers have become mad to get their hands on it. This is because it not only offers great features but also affordable. Let’s have an in-depth look at the features of this golf ball.Kirkland 3 Piece Golf Ball Review

Kirkland 3 Piece Golf Ball Review: Feature

Build quality

Kirkland Golf balls offer two kinds of golf balls which include the legacy 4-piece and the current one 3-piece. The Kirkland Golf ball 3-piece offer great features that make you fall with the ball instantly. The strong built quality of this high-performance ball is perfect for both recreational and competitive play.

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The center is built with an exceptionally flexible delicate elastic that takes into account speed, while the cover bears a 338-dimple design conveying an infiltrating and stable ball bend.


The quality falls a bit short on the Tour balls as these balls offer medium spin capabilities. However, they give a sublime responsive putting feel alongside noteworthy control around the greens inferable from the strong yet delicate polyurethane cover.

The mantle works with the cover so that you can get enough spin for iron and wedge shots. Also, due to backspin, it avoids the ball from taking a straight flight up in the air.

The Kirkland 3-Piece Performance Plus would be an ideal fit for those who are mid or high handicap players trying to discover a golf ball to improve their shot accuracy from off the tee, as well as with picking up control on course.


One of the appealing aspects of these balls is the affordability, taking value for money to a whole new level. The price is well below compared to its competitors. You’ll have two dozen high performance spinning golf balls for fewer than 40 dollars. This product is a perfect choice for those who are experienced golfers and want to save their money.


The durability of this ball isn’t up to the mark compare to the 4-piece ball but let’s not forget the price tag it comes in. The cover of these golf balls is made up of urethane, so they’re most likely to get cut and scuff a lot.

The smoothness of the cover is also going to be damaged. Moreover, sun exposure makes the balls yellow because of its urethane cover.

However, though the ball gets damaged within a short period of time, you’ll be able to have a round of play. You can also play with the damaged ball as long as you feel comfortable.

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Kirkland Signature 3 Piece Golf Ball: Pros & Cons

  • Delivers great spin
  • Great distance
  • Reasonable price
  • Feel on the greens
  • Urethane cover
  • Ideal for advanced and pro golfers
  • Not durable enough
  • Sun exposure turns the ball to yellow

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the compression of this golf ball?

Ans. Kirkland 3-piece measure’s a 96.8 compression rating and a 78.7 cover hardness rating.

2. Who makes Kirkland Golf Balls and were they’re produced?

Ans. Costco first introduced Kirkland Golf Balls into the market. Moreover, they were produced in conformation will USGA and R&A rules.

3. How long can you play with the Kirkland 3-piece Golf Balls?

Ans. The ball will last up to a round of play.

4. Are expensive golf balls really worth it?

Ans. Yes, if you want a decent short game then expensive golf balls are much better than the less expensive ones.

Final Thoughts:

Kirkland Signature 3-piece golf ball offers high quality at a great price. In every aspect, this ball is a win-win. However, there’s no denying that this ball can’t compete with the best brands available in the golf market.

Moreover, this golf ball isn’t for everyone out there. Only advanced and pro golfers will take better control of the ball. So, before buying the golf ball trying to find out whether they fulfill your needs or not. We believe our kirkland 3 piece golf ball review will give you the necessary information and help you to make the right decision.

 Let’s watch a video review


00:00 is the Kirkland Signature three-piece 00:01 just as good as the discontinued for 00:03 piece let’s find out 00:07 so guys last week I did a review of this 00:10 guy the four piece Kirkland Signature 00:12 Tour performance didn’t even realize at 00:14 the time that they were discontinued I 00:16 knew they were hard to get but yeah they 00:17 don’t even make them anymore apparently 00:18 they got in a lawsuit with Titleist 00:20 whatever don’t even really know but they 00:22 came out with this model now a three 00:24 piece looks a little bit different we’re 00:25 going to see how they stack up against 00:27 each other play three holes a par three 00:29 par four and a par five have a long 00:32 drive competition do a little short game 00:34 test let’s get started with the par 374 00:37 yards into the wind let’s see how these 00:39 balls stack up 00:46 really good ball fight on that four 00:49 piece golf ball you guys saw that I 00:50 liked it in that last review let’s see 00:52 if the three piece is just as good up at 01:01 the golf balls the three piece didn’t 01:02 really have as nice of a ball flight in 01:04 so the wind kind of got beaten up a 01:05 little bit but it’s right here and then 01:07 the four piece is up on the green a 01:08 little bit more of a penetrating ball 01:10 flight I’m gonna play them in from here 01:11 see how they play off the wedge around 01:13 the green 01:19 well it felt pretty similar off of the 01:21 little chip shot let’s go see how they 01:23 feel off the putter 01:31 off of the putter guys the three-piece 01:33 felts a little bit firmer but that 01:35 doesn’t really bother me let’s get 01:36 started with this 420 yard par-4 you can 01:39 try and go over those trees today a 01:40 little bit downwind let’s see how close 01:42 we can get him 01:50 absolutely crush the 4-piece let’s see 01:52 how the three-piece goes 02:01 a little bit higher ball flight on the 02:03 three-piece let’s uh let’s go see where 02:04 they landed up at those golf balls guys 02:06 the three-piece didn’t go quite as far 02:08 equidistant as far as this goes but as 02:10 the angle of the hole probably about 02:12 five or six yards shorter but that could 02:14 be down to my swing or anything like 02:15 that so we’re gonna play them in from 02:17 here got about a hundred and sixty yards 02:19 let’s see if we can’t get this ball to 02:20 stop the pin once again is right tucked 02:22 behind that bunker got to stop this one 02:24 really quickly so let’s see how much 02:25 they spin off an iron out of the rough 02:35 pretty nice ball flight on that uh three 02:38 piece it kind of feels a little clunky 02:39 off the face but uh the ball flights 02:41 good so it really doesn’t matter let’s 02:42 deal with the four piece now up at the 02:48 golf balls guys I think I misjudged the 02:50 distance perfectly with both of them 02:52 both Tenga feet short of the green 02:54 probably should have taken one more Club 02:56 but similar ball fly even though they 02:58 feel really different off the face let’s 02:59 do a little short game test I think it’s 03:01 about to rain so let’s uh get this in 03:03 hopefully 03:31 the three-piece actually seems to spin a 03:32 little bit more around the Greens I 03:34 would have thought the four-piece did 03:35 but yeah let’s go ahead a full wedge 03:36 shot see how they spin off of a full wet 03:39 shot four pieces up first on this full 03:40 wedge shot 03:52 really nice ball flight that’s pretty 03:54 much exactly like how I sing my wedge go 03:56 through the air let’s see how the 03:57 three-piece goes that one spun back 04:05 usually with the four-piece ball it goes 04:07 a little bit higher than a three-piece 04:08 but these balls are like completely 04:10 different the cover is different and 04:11 everything so it’s not really holding up 04:13 to you know the four-piece verse 3p 04:14 stuff if that makes any sense to you 04:16 let’s go see where they ended up up at 04:18 the green guys just checked out their 04:20 ball marks they both stopped pretty 04:21 quickly the three-piece actually spun 04:23 back a little bit maybe a foot and the 04:25 four-piece released probably about a 04:27 foot to two so not really that bad that 04:29 could be down to my swing like I say in 04:31 these things all the time but yeah full 04:33 wedge shot really good performance in 04:35 both of alright long drive competition 04:36 here let’s see which one goes further 04:48 absolutely killed the four-piece let’s 04:50 see how the three-piece goes 05:04 a little bit higher of a ball flight but 05:05 absolutely murdered both of those let’s 05:07 go see where they ended up up at the 05:09 golf balls guys you know what’s going to 05:10 happen right now they are exactly the 05:13 same distance I have no idea how far I 05:15 hit them but they both went the same 05:16 distance absolutely killed both of them 05:18 so that’s good enough test for me in the 05:20 distance off the irons it pretty much 05:22 went the same distance too they’re 05:23 almost touching on that par 4 so overall 05:26 guys though the three piece versus the 05:28 discontinued for piece is one better 05:30 than the other not really they’re just 05:31 really different the three piece goes a 05:33 little bit higher surprisingly spins a 05:34 little bit more around the greens but 05:35 overall both of them are really good 05:37 golf balls definitely recommend picking 05:39 up the three piece when you can see them 05:40 in the store I think you can order them 05:42 online to four piece software 120 05:44 dollars on Amazon don’t spend that much 05:46 money on these golf balls even though 05:48 they’re pretty good let me know what 05:49 other golf balls you want to see the 3 05:51 piece go up against maybe the Snell MTB 05:53 X I hope you guys enjoyed this video hit 05:55 that like button if you did subscribe we 05:57 do golf ball testing all the time gonna 05:59 do a lot of live course vlogs when the 06:01 weather gets a little bit better 06:01 although it looks pretty nice right now 06:03 it’s about to rain don’t let that dampen 06:06 your day oh whatever 06:08 we’ll see you next time

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