What is Footgolf?

What is Footgolf Feature

What is footgolf?

What would be the name of the baby if football and golf married? Yes, it will be footgolf. You can guess by the name that it’s a combination of football and golf. However, its playing style is not entirely similar to golf or football.

Footgolf is a relatively new sport, and not many people are aware of it yet. The fun part of footgolf is that it’s played without any referee or supervisor. However, the players must retain their mannerisms and play in a disciplined way. To play this sport mainly need golf courses with big holes and a regular size soccer ball.What is footgolf


In the early twentieth, a roughly similar game invented in the United States of America, and it was gained popularity for more than a decade. In the late 1980s, swiss players have been playing the game with a variation. To make it even more fun, they have added new rules and regulations in the 1990s.

Footgolf uniform and basic rules were created by Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten. They were also organizers of the first tournament in the Netherlands in 2008. They learned it from Korsten’s brother, who was a  Dutch footballer named Willem Korsten.

You probably think that it’s no biggie to play football. How tough can it be to kick around a ball, right? In reality, it’s quite hard to aim the ball on the hole.

Like golf, a kick is counted as a strike. The ball needs to be deposited at the cup, and the foot works as the golf club here. You need to put the ball on the cup with a few strikes or kicks as possible.

Players with prior experience in soccer are likely to excel more in the game as it will be easier for them to kick the ball to the target.

You must have seen golf as they have clubs to perform golf; all you would like is your legs to play footgolf. In fact, unlike in golf, the opening is of 21 inches, and you’ll require a ball of good quality for this.

You’ll start with a particular point, then you’ve got to form sure the football goes inside the opening in fewer shots. That’s what proportion simple this game is. The start line is named tee boxes like in golf.

Dress Code of Footgolf

For playing footgolf, there’s no hard and fast rule for amateurs as far as dress cares unless or until you’re playing some official tournament. You’ll wear the shoes as soccer players wear as you’ll require power and precision at an equivalent time.

With argyle socks and ivy cap, you’ll be considerably dressed sort of an athlete with the exception that soccer players don’t wear hats, which might be the case with footgolf players.

It all depends on how serious you’re taking this game, and if you’re a real aspirant, then you’ll abide by the code being followed in internationally organized tournaments.

What are the Rules of the Game?

The rules of the game are quite simple. The rules of footgolf are the same as the rules of real golf. The holes are placed at a distance of 60 to 100 yards. The trick is to get the ball in the fewest passes possible.

There is no opposition here and there is no penalty or offside rule as well. The holes are placed around half the distance of a regular golf hole so that the player can easily kick the ball to it.

The game does not follow any strict rules. However, make sure that you maintain disciple and follow the rules of the game. You can play for fun and also arrange a tournament for a more competitive environment.

There are different formats for this game and if you’re just playing for fun then you’ll make your own rules also.

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Is there any Footgolf Tournament?

Yes, there is! This may strike you by surprise, but there are several footgolf tournaments played worldwide.

The first footgolf tournament was held in the Netherlands. After that, many countries have participated in the development of the game.

In 2012, multiple countries combined and formed the FIFG (Federation for International FootGolf). A month later, 8 countries gather together and played the first-ever global Footgolf tournament.

There have been three global tournaments ever since. The second one was played in 2016 and the third one was played in 2018.


It’s a combination of soccer and golf. If you have the basic idea of both games, then you ace the game without any hurdle. The rules are quite simple to grasp, and the game is super fun to play. Both males and females can play the game and you can enjoy some fun time with your friends and family.

People from any age group can enjoy the fun bits of the footgolf. So, just get a football and enjoy the fun of footgolf.

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