Best Golf Tips for Beginners: By Expert Golfers

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20 Best Golf Tips for Beginners: That Really Helps a Newbie

Here we focus on the  Best 20 Golf Tips for Beginners. Before you started golfing, you probably thought that it was just a peaceful and easy short game. In fact, you may have thought something like, “Why do people even play this game?”. But, once you started, you figured out the obvious- it’s not as easy as it looks.

Sure it is slow, but why is it slow? Because it needs precision and strategies. When you think about it you can understand that anyone can put that ball in the hole. But, the question is how soon and with how many strokes?

In order to make your game better, you have to pay attention to a lot of things. Golf is about the accuracy, alertness, and coordinating your body with your mind. You have to take a swing that represents the fact that you have taken everything into consideration.

Let’s look at the Best Golf Tips for Apprentice

golf tips for beginners training

1. Practice with an aim.

When you play golf, you need to practice a lot. You have to utilize both the putting tips, green and the driving range. When you do, always have a particular aim in mind.

The thing is that your shots will not get better just by hitting 100 balls every day. You have to figure out where you make mistakes, what’s not right, and work on fixing it.

2. Improve your distance accuracy.

In driving ranges, you will find that the distances are marked. There are 25 yards, 50, 100, 300, etc. What you can do is start by targeting the 25-yard board. Then, you can keep increasing your distance. In this way, you will be more accurate with your distance in the course as well.

3. Learn the right grip.

If you hold your golf club wrong then no matter how good your swing is, it won’t provide you with the desired results. That is why one of the first things you have to do is learn the right grip- it will make you feel comfortable when playing as well. There are various choices about gripping the club like Vardon overlap grip (Named for Harry Vardon), Interlocking grip, and Ten fingers or baseball grip.

4. Maintain the right distance from the ball.

The longer the club, the farther you have to be away from the ball. Sometimes when you stand too far or too close to the ball, the swing gets ruined because you automatically try to hit the ball- forgetting to hit it right.

5. Learn the right stance.

Golf is about balance as well. When you are taking a swing, you have to keep your feet apart. Now, the question is how apart- the answer is something you will find by practically practicing. With time, it gets ingrained in your brain.

6. Move your weight.

In golf, your strength does not really matter. Therefore, you do have to be the strongest to increase your distance. All you have to do is just take a balanced swing.

A lot depends on you how you place your weight. You have to move the weight from one foot to another with the motion of the clubhead.

7. Never forget the follow-through.

This is one of the largest mistakes golfers make. They tend to give the swing right when the club hits the ball. But, that just ruins the direction the ball was going in. You have to finish the golf swing right to make the ball fly straight.

8. Do not lift your head up.

Whenever you are taking a swing, you lift your head up to see where the ball is going. This is a complete trap- just get your golf swing right and without you even needing to confirm the ball will go where you want it to go.

9. Do not keep your eye on the ball.

Yes, it is tempting to see where the ball is really going but that is the demise of your game. Let the ball go wherever it wants but complete your swing keeping your eye downwards.

10. Relax your body.

Your body tends to get too stiff when you are nervous. But, golf needs your body to be relaxed.

11. Take practice swings.

Stand away from your ball, making sure the golf swing won’t hit the ball. Then, take the swing that you mean to take. This will calm you down and will also improve accuracy.

12. Do not swing too hard.

As mentioned earlier, golf is not about strength. In fact, using too much of it can backfire. Behind the ball, you need balance when you are hitting the ball. So, do not use so much strength that it ruins your balance.

13. Follow the arc.

The most important thing about a golf swing is the line it follows. You have to take the same back and front swing. When you ruin this arc- you hit a slice or some other mistake.

14. Keep a check on the clubhead.

Open-faced club heads make your golf balls fly higher and reduce distance. While the closed faced ones make it go low. So, adjust the clubface based on what you need.

15. Go short in short holes.

The shorter holes usually require you to be more precise. So, use woods instead of drivers but keep the ball in the fairway.

16. Have your own bunker strategies.

Quite often people hit too low in bunkers, in the sand. Use your sand clubs and keep the clubface open to make the ball fly- and hit is hard.

17. Practice putting with targets.

It can be the hole, a coin, a certain point- when you practice putting make sure you have a target.

18. Do not look at the ball when putting.

If the direction is important in golf, it is the most crucial inputting. So we should use a better putter. You have to make sure you swing straight with good follow-through. But, looking at the ball can really mess things up by ruining the swing.

19. Do not lose your cool- it’s just a game.

Getting too serious will always backfire. So, when you miss a shot, hit wrong, relax, and make it better the next time without taking any pressure. Because pressure makes you do worse. Know your score but do not be too worked up about it. Golf Swing like there was no past and there is no future.

20. Beginners golf clothing

Beginners should know about their cloth when going to visit a golf course:

a) Collared Polo Shirt/Top required to wear for men, women (except for special rules of the club) depending on the weather it can be cotton or synthetic. Remember that most of the clubs don’t allow you to wear jeans and t-shirts.

b) There are options to chose bottoms, between shorts and slacks. You can choose pants and shorts depending on how hot the weather is. Women also choose capri pants, skirts with shorts. For your golfing, the proper colors are cream, beige, khaki, gray and tan for pants and shorts

c) For a golfer very important part of the outfit is shoes for performing in the golf course. It is wise for beginners to wear sneaker shoes instead of actual golf shoes as they can be a little expensive. There are two options for shoes: with spikes or not. Avoid steel spikes to save green. You can also choose spikeless soft shoes like tennis shoes that have no heel.

d) It is important to choose the right socks to walk a long time comfortably. Therefore, you should pick soft cotton socks. Cotton socks keep your feet dry and stable. Always wear a belt with your pants. It is an important part of the dress code. The popular choice among golf players is brown leather belts. But you can choose the belt matching your dress.

e) Gloves are not mandatory to wear but it helps to add an extra element of comfort also helps in getting a better grip.

Final words

Golf is more about your mental state and coordination than it is about strength. So, just practicing blindly will never help- you have to work strategically. These 20 golf tips should help you improve as a beginner.

Let’s see the video to know Golf Tips for Beginners!


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