Igotcha Golf Ball Retriever Review 2020!


Golf is expensive and so are golf balls. No one wants to leave their golf ball in the water bunkers that exist in the golf course. You always feel a different kind of ache in your heart when you lose a ball in the golf course, don’t you? Let’s see how good the Igotcha golf ball retriever is through this review.

Manually retrieving balls can be quite time-consuming. It takes time to find the ball and if it is in a hilly area then things just get worse. What comes handy in these situations is a golf ball retriever. Well, the golf ball retrievers are designed differently so that you can retrieve golf balls easily.

A retriever with a net to catch the ball is not going to always work in case of a golf ball that is underwater. Thus, the top of the head of golf ball retrievers is made different and often feature innovative designs. The Golf Ball Retriever is one such retriever that eases up the game for you.

In fact, it helps you save money and feel better even if you played horribly on the day. Because you do not lose much if you get all the balls you took out back home again! 

Igotcha Golf Ball Retriever


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Igotcha Golf Ball Retriever Review: The Features

What does the Golf Ball Retriever actually have and how does it work? Let’s find out.

1. The length that reaches your golf ball.

You will actually find a number of Igotcha golf ball retrievers in different lengths. The one being reviewed right now is the 10 feet one. Apparently, it can reach a ball that is ten feet away easily from your hands. Other lengths of the retriever include 14 feet, 18 feet, and 21 feet- the sizes and prices are different.

The problem, however, is with the shaft of the retriever. Apparently, when fully extended the shaft looks a bit thin and fragile. So if you apply just a bit of pressure, it might break.

That is why you can consider the length you will be able to utilize a bit lower than 10 feet. But, that is still good enough, because it is quite a long reach.

2. A collapsible design.

How will you carry such a long retriever with you on the golf course? Won’t it be a distraction for others and also a pain for you to carry? Nope, it won’t be. Because you won’t be carrying it in its full and pure form- you can collapse it to a much shorter length.

Apparently, the 10-feet retriever collapses to 15.5 inches, the 14 feet one collapses to 17.5 inches and likewise the longer retrievers collapse the longer lengths.

Furthermore, the collapsing mechanism is quite easy. All you have to is apply a bit of pressure and ultimately the shaft will lock in place when it is collapsed. Therefore, the unit is very portable and you can store it in your golf bag very easily.

The GOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever is very much compact and works nicely, as announced. The product structure is durable enough to last for an extended period.

3. The Trademarked Spring Release Ready Head.

Let’s now see how easy is this igotcha ball retriever to use exactly? Quite easy actually. All you have to do is place the head over the ball and then slightly push it forward for the ring to secure it in place.

The retriever has a head with two rings, one bigger and one smaller within the bigger one. Apparently, it is the smaller ring that catches the ball and it is the spring mechanism that makes it all happen.

Now, the trouble you will face with this unit is the resetting requirement. You will have to target the ball very well to save time and get the ball in the first go. If you miss, the spring head locks quite easily and you will have to take it out and reset it to use it again.

This is the only thing about this whole retriever that you may not become fond of. When you retrieve a lot of balls in one go, the higher frequency of resets is going to irritate you.

While this mechanism is pretty much the best thing about this igotcha ball retriever, it also has parts that may not last very long and that may break. So, you will have to be careful with this unit.

4. The weight and material building the retriever.

This retriever mostly has stainless steel in the build. Fortunately, stainless steel makes it quite weather and waterproof by preventing rust. However, it is quite thin when completely extended. Other than that, it weighs only 8 ounces. So, you can take your time when you are looking for the ball and targeting it.

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Igotcha Golf Ball Retriver 1

Pros and Cons:

  • Quite extended of this retriever has.
  • Very portable.
  • Collapses to a very effective length.
  • Easy to use and also store.
  • You can carry it in the golf bag.
  • The spring mechanism is a clever one.
  • Very affordable in terms of price.
  • Good material used in the build.
  • It needs to be reset if you miss it once.
  • The shaft when completely extended is very fragile.

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00:03 hello and welcome to Golf on lines of 00:05 code on uk’s golf gismo minute my name 00:07 is q and today we will be reviewing the 00:09 I got your ball retriever the function 00:12 of the I got your ball retriever is to 00:14 extend and to reach all’s which were 00:16 otherwise unreachable now we can reach 00:19 places such as water hazards ditches or 00:21 bushes which is especially useful if you 00:23 paid a lot of money for those balls 00:25 demonstrate the I gotcha please imagine 00:27 my hand is a ditch and some unlucky guys 00:29 about to tee off the retrieving 00:32 mechanism is made of two plastic circles 00:34 one smaller than the other pad by spring 00:37 ball retrieved the I gotcha 00:40 has a very very comfortable grip very 00:42 light and is longer than I can show you 00:44 in this studio unless you could pretend 00:47 to be the ball for me and it’s at this 00:50 stage you can truly appreciate that this 00:52 pole extends a massive 14 feet 00:55 recommended retail price for the I 00:56 culture is 1995 its nearest competitor 00:59 is a callaway ball pickup at 3499 01:03 however I do prefer this one it’s a 01:06 little bit lighter easier to extend and 01:08 retract and the mechanism works that 01:10 much better I’m going to give this a 01:11 golf gizmo rating of 80 out of 100 01:14 that’s all for this episode of golf 01:16 gizmo minute for any more information on 01:18 this product or to leave your feedback 01:20 please visit golf online code at UK

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you replace the head if it is broken?

Answer: There is no clear answer to this but the most likely answer is that no, you cannot. Furthermore, it is quite cheap so you can just buy a new one.

2. Where does this retriever work best?

Answer: You can use it where you can clearly see the ball. Apparently, a few people complained that it does not do well in the murky water and kind of blurs things up or pushes the ball deeper.

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In conclusion

The Igotcha Golf Ball Retriever is one of the best retrievers out there. It has a great reach and it has a very small footprint. In fact, it is built just the way something for golf should be built.

It has its troubles but once you get used to using it right, you get the best performance. Furthermore, it is quite budget-friendly so it is the best shot you can have at keeping your ball to yourself.

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00:00 golf balls are expensive but don’t let 00:02 them go just yet and you I got checkcell 00:04 it’s the most versatile retriever ever 00:06 it’s the new and improved version of the 00:08 number one retriever in golf five ten 00:10 twenty dollars nobody likes to lose golf 00:13 balls and the I gotcha excel 00:14 effortlessly hides in your golf bag but 00:17 quickly and easily expands to reach over 00:18 14 feet so don’t let your pride get the 00:20 best of you retrieve that ball and your 00:23 investment it’s human nature if you can 00:25 see it you want to get it back and now 00:27 you can quickly it speeds up play and 00:30 saves money there are plenty of 00:32 retrievers out there but nothing like 00:33 the I got you excel no golfer should be 00:36 without it at just 3995 the new I got 00:38 you excel pays for itself in just a few 00:40 rounds no matter what brand of bellpull 00:42 to use water rocks and bushes are no 00:45 match for the I gotcha excels unique 00:47 ball capturing design just place it over 00:49 the ball and I gotcha call one eight 00:51 seven seven three eight three thirty 00:53 eight thirty one that’s one eight seven 00:55 seven three eight three three eight 00:57 three one


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  1. I am a terrible golfer who absolutely LOVES to golf! With that being said, I knew I needed to go out and buy one of my new trusty best friends (these retractable ball savers) I can’t even count how many balls I have had to fish out of the water!

    So i purchased IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever from your review. These are so cheap but so worth it! I have had mine for a year now and it is still kicking some butt! I LOVE IT! I have bought more than one now because I have handed them out to my fellow golfing friends as gifts and they all love them as well!

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