Impact Snap Review! (The Release Trainer)

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The Release TrainerIMPACT SNAP is a release trainer who is a four-time golf digest bestselling aid used by many top instructors. It trains the wrist to repeat what we call a correct stable position to add and beyond impact. You’ll like the IMPACT SNAP because it’ll work on more areas of your swing, and you won’t need to carry around 5 different trainers.

Impact Snap Review

IMPACT SNAP helps you to improve your-

  • Speed
  • Wrist movement,
  • Impact tempo,
  • and release.

Let’s check out the impact snap review for more features of this release trainer.

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The IMPACT SNAP golf trainer is designed to work on your wrist movement and increase your speed. It also works on lag and being at the right impact position, so you’ll get more speed, better impacts, and wrist movements.

The yellow ball on the trainer is supposed to touch the bottom of your outside forearm when you’re in the right impact position. Moreover, it’s also designed to improve more than one area of your swing.

So, like most other trainers, they only work on one or two things, but this trainer suggests more like four or five things to improve all areas of your game.

Build Quality

This trainer has strong build quality and toughness that you’ll find impressive. It’s not something that you’ve to worry about breaking, and it’s something you could have pretty much forever. The big downside of this trainer is that you can’t hit an actual ball with it, but all you have to do is grip it normally and swing.

It’s more like a practice you can do in your house when you have spare time. If you want to warm up, then it’s an excellent tool for that, but you can’t hit real balls.


There’s a piece of metal inside that will click when you’re in the right backswing position. So, when you have the right amount of wrist hinge in your backswing, it’ll click.

Then again, at the right impact position, it’ll click again to let you use it as an audio sound as well as visuals in conjunction to help you visualize and get a better feel.

The first thing is to impact the position of your hands and wrists, ensuring that your wrists and hands are in the proper position. Then the second thing has a really good lag in your golf swing. If you do these two things properly, you’ll have maximum speed, consistency, better scores, and better golf for you personally.

How to Start:

Start with half-swings to set with the timing, then raise to full swings. Grip the unit; therefore the yellow ball is under your trail forearm. Swing back generally; the device should make a snapping sound when your lead arm is parallel to the bottom. It means you’ve connected your wrists accurately.

Again you should hear the snap as you swing down, but not until you go to the impact zone. Another test at impact is the yellow ball: It has to touch the underside of your trail forearm. It means your lead wrist is bowed, your lead forearm is turning counterclockwise, and your body is adapting.

Impact Snap Review-Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Work on more than one area
  • Allow you to create more speed through the ball
  • Improve your short game while pitching
  • 7-day video training included
  • Used by a lot of top instructors
  • Little bit expensive
  • You can’t hit an actual golf ball while using it

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q) Would it be a benefit for a lower handicap player?

Ans. In terms of performance, probably not, but it could be a good warm-up training aid if you don’t have a range.

Q) Does it come with an instructional CD?

Ans. No, it doesn’t. However, they have instructions regarding how to use it on their website.

Q) Can it be used for right and left-hander?

Ans. They make different products for both right and left-handers.

Q) How will I know that my form is the correct one?

Ans. When you swing the trainer, the ball will touch the trailing forearm, and the arm connecting with the club will form a lowercase ‘y’. It is how you’ll know that your form is the correct one.

Q) What are the common mistakes while using the IMPACT SNAP?

Ans. The common mistakes are squeezing the barrel too tightly, wrists too tight, too long of a backswing, and jerking it back too quickly.

Final Words

If you have a tough time with wrist movement or need to learn how to keep your hands in front of the club at impact, then this could benefit you. It’s a bit expensive, but the lesson you’ll learn from this is much more than that.

Overall, it’ll help you have the right amount of wrist hinge and make solid contact.

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