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The Rotary Swing Review: A Game Changer (2020)


Chuck Quinton is a pioneer when it comes to golf instructions. He has been making online golf instruction DVDs since 2004. When the Rotary swing came out in 2007, it was a game-changer for many. The book is published under Quinton Holdings and it has sold numerous copies since then. 

The book is also available on pdf version and you can download it on both Mac and iOS devices. Golf lovers around the world have vouched for the effectiveness of the tips and found it super supportive of enhancing their skills.

Rotary Swing Review: How does it function? 

Rotary Golf Swing uses science. There are no specific technic or hidden ways. Especially, a blend of intelligence and technic is used for learning in the rotary swing. So not only does Rotary Swing teach you why, but it also shows you ways to make the simplest swing.

You will learn body movement without a club, then how to move with a club, then short swing, then long swing, etc.… All the instructors are experts in their respective field and give easy to follow information.

Most of the lessons and information are available in an on-demand video format. Golfers also have the opportunity to submit videos of their swing to the platform for swing analysis and review of certified Rotary Swing instructors.

Rotary Swing Review

Rotary Swing Reviews: Who gets help?

Because the Rotary Golf program focuses heavily on building a golf swing, new golfers and golfers who are willing to make large changes to their swing can benefit the most. But that doesn’t mean experienced golfers can’t benefit from this program.

So if you like your swing but just want to get the most out of it, the Rotary Swing program is for you. Those golfers can be benefited from the program who can’t make it to the course to practice a couple of times a week.

Since all the lessons are available online and most allow for practice at home, you can practice on your time. When you do get time to get to the course for practice, you can focus on applying all the techniques to your full swing.

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What is this Book About?

The book is written by Chuck Quinton, a prominent golf instructor with years of experience. He was also a teaching professional at the Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado. He is also the founder of Rotary Swing Golf Academy in Orlando, where he provides golf courses during winter months.

The book is based on biomechanical body movements and how to support your body and prevent it from injuries. It provides an in-depth discussion about the brain physiology and anatomy behind a proper golf swing. It will help you be more consistent in the game and help you better your overall swing performance. 

Golf swings are quite critical, and they require proper knowledge and understanding to make the most of the shot. The book is very straightforward, and it is divided into sections that will understand the overall concept of golf swinging and help you master it. 

You can also see the DVD for video tutorials to have additional details. The videos will also help you have a better grasp of the process and practice with better efficiency. Once you start following the instruction, you will eventually see changes in your overall performance.  

The best part of the book is, it contains information and tricks provided by an expert golf instructor. He has tried incorporating all the fundamental parts of swinging and making the most of your golf journey. So, no more worries about those complicated swings, and just like Chuck says, “Always be Turing.” 

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Can I Learn to Swing from the Book?

Well, this depends quite on how you utilize the book. The book contains the dynamics and the other know-how on the swing techniques. However, your overall competence on golf swing will depend quite a lot on how much you practice and how well you grasp the knowledge provided by the book.

There are certain knowledge and ideas that may contradict with other golf instructors. The book provides thorough ideas on your posture, swing speed, rotation, and other vital aspects of the game. The book will also help you avoid injuries and maintain a healthy body movement during the game. So, it all depends on you how you devour the knowledge and use them for your learning purpose. 

Rotary Swing Review: Pros and Cons

  • A simple way to study to swing the golf clubs.

  • With all ages golfers, it can work generally.

  • All types of golfer can depend on it to improve their swing and play more consistently.

  • Maximum people do great with this golf rotary plane.

  • You get a good idea of what makes up an operative golf swing

  • Rotary golf can help most high to mid handicappers

  • First-time golfers can be puzzled to see a large volume of videos

  • It may not be favorable for the low handicappers

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Rotary Golf Swing Review: Frequently Ask Questions:

Q. Does the book provide information about golf swing?

Ans: Yes, The Rotary Swing is a highly informative book that contains clean instruction on facts about a safe swing.  

Q. Is the book available on Amazon?

Ans: Yes, the book can be found on Amazon, the paperback version. You can also avail of the pdf version for both iOS and Android devices.

Q. Who wrote this book?

Ans: The book is written by Chuck Quinton, a famous golf instructor. He has many years of experience as a professional golf instructor, and he teaches in multiple different academies as well. 

Q. Will the book help me progress and enhance my swing style?

Ans: The book contains the why and how that will help you enhance your skills. The combination of proper practice, along with the blend of the lessons, will help you improve your performance to a great deal. 

Wrapping Up

There is no more helpful way to learn something other than performing it practically. The Rotary Swing book surely helps to learn the tricks. However, you need to make practical applications of those to ace and replicate those swings. 

Along with the basic swing knowledge, the book provides the why and how you should perform the swing. With the help of these learnings, you will be able to identify your mistakes and find ways to correct them.

Let’s watch a video


00:04 hey everybody I’m Peter Barrett and I’m 00:06 a rotary swing comm student for 18 00:08 months now 00:09 rotary swing comm is the how and the why 00:11 for me of the golf swing like I it’s 00:13 effortless power is the name of the game 00:15 all day long 00:20 and the fastest average swung it was a 00:23 hundred and five miles an hour and I 00:25 told Chuck if I could get to a hundred 00:28 and eleven miles an hour I doubled his 00:30 fee for the day he laughed at me and 00:33 said that’ll be so easy I’ll do it for 00:37 the same price and within 20 minutes I 00:40 was swinging the cup at Club 6 to 7 00:42 miles an hour faster 00:48 my handicap used to be 25 plus a 6.3 as 00:52 of today with the 79 that I shot at TPC 00:55 yesterday 77 from the championship tees 00:59 my handicap has come down five or six 01:01 strokes but more importantly and really 01:03 starting to play some good golf and 01:05 watch my handicap go from a 22 down to a 01:09 12 point 4 index 01:15 the rotary swing tour is simply the best 01:19 golf swing out there the swing really 01:22 does work if you follow Chuck’s advice 01:24 and you build the swing brick-by-brick 01:27 you will play better golf believe me I 01:30 tried I had taken lessons from a number 01:33 of different pros including a Golf 01:35 Digest top 50 pro and what I learned 01:37 from them was a tip here in a tip there 01:41 and you know the truth you can’t learn a 01:44 golf swing by a tip here at a tip there 01:47 you have to learn it by building 01:50 fundamentals and putting in the time and 01:52 when you do that you’ll see the 01:54 improvement happen and I encourage you 01:56 to try the rotaries think tour what I 01:59 really like about the process is there 02:01 such a deep body of knowledge behind the 02:04 swing all founded on science and 02:06 biomechanics it’s not a temporary fix 02:09 it’s a permanent fix it’s something 02:10 you’re actually including in your 02:12 repertoire is facts based information 02:14 but it’s inspired it’s it’s actually 02:17 using your body as the instrument that 02:18 it’s designed to do and that’s what I 02:20 love about it I feel like I have 02:22 somebody passionately interested in my 02:24 development and I feel like you standing 02:26 right there next to me shot it’s so 02:27 simple to get started and to see what 02:29 you like about it and see if you like 02:30 the videos golf instructions should be 02:32 more interested in me as a student than 02:34 in what they’re doing 02:36 and if and that’s what I get with rotary 02:38 swing comm I mean you’ve got great 02:40 people when you have great people a 02:41 great product you know great plan you’re 02:44 it’s it’s it’s easy to follow so I 02:48 highly recommend rotary swing to 02:51 everybody you’ve ever had the experience 02:52 where you’re just miserable 02:55 I want to tell you what what I just did 02:57 just has a lesson with Chuck Quinton and 03:00 it’s the neatest thing that I’ve done in 03:03 golf 03:04 been doing it for 35 years and this was 03:06 just a blast so sign up for the website 03:10 take a lesson and please believe me 03:13 we’re brethren this is going to be one 03:16 of the best things you’ve ever done

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